A Brief Recap Of HE Governor Ndiritu Muriithi's Message During The Governor's Interactive Dinner On County Development And Investment Opportunities

"I wish to thank all of you for joining us today. My team and I are delighted to host you this evening to share what we have done in the last ten months since assuming office. We are delighted that you have found it worth your time and money to understand what my Government is doing to facilitate your plans to expand your business or start one in Laikipia County. This evening, we seek your feedback, insights and commitment to partner with us to transform the lives of our people. Let me start by sharing our vision.
Our vision is *making Laikipia the greatest county with the best quality of life.*
Our mission is to *enable every household in Laikipia to lead a prosperous life*.
We achieve this prosperity by enabling the private sector to create jobs, and for all farmers to produce profitable crops and livestock. We have set an ambitious target of enabling the private sector to create 30000 jobs and raise the minimum household income to KES 600/day from an estimatef KES 300 daily today.
It has been an enlightening eight months journey. We have launched the *Amaya Triangle Initiative* with our neighbours Baringo, Isiolo and Samburu that has managed to lower land invasions and insecurity. We have received enormous interest and support from the National Government and Development Partners to fund peace building and development programs to address the root causes of poverty and insecurity. Internally, we have started modernising the public service to make Laikipia the number one county for doing business and living in. In the next few months, all services will be offered online and we target to pay suppliers within 14 days. We have launched all the flagship programs in my campaign manifesto that have a potential investment pipeline of KES 20Bn,whose highlights are contained in this teaser.
The great news is that HE The President's Big Four agendas and my Government's flagship programs are aligned. We are one of the National leaders in implementing the Universal Health Care,have launched Kilimo Faida meeting food security needs and raw materials for industry, started developing three smart towns to create space for affordable housing, and launched innovation platform to identify and support manufactures. We have a number of our innovators here today seeking partnerships for production and marketing. I'm in agreement with the Laikipia County Commissioner to work together and share credit, given both levels of Government serve the same people. I'm delighted we have senior leadership of National Government Ministries and State Agencies present today. I extend my hand of partnership to support you implement your programs in Laikipia and the credit will be yours too. My government is also grateful to various corporates, development partners and non-profit organisations that have worked with us to date. You will find the contacts of my cabinet in this teaser to take the discussion forward on your areas of interest. Thanks once again, Karibuni Laikipia.

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