Driven by the brief that the organization performance is the sum total of individual performance, the county government of Laikipia has embarked on a wide range of reforms in the public service. The objective is to have a motivated, self-directing workforce as well as individuals who are keen on creating positive change to build the greatest county with the best quality of life.
At the centre of these reforms by HE Governor Ndiritu Muriithi is the introduction of Performance Management System that among other aspects ensures staff appraisals twice a year and quarterly spot performance awards for top performers.
The Spot Award programme launched by Governor Muriithi in November 2017, seeks to recognize staff members who demonstrate superior performance. It is a way of saying well done to high performers. The criteria and process are strict. It is not intended to reward average performance. Rather the citation must show very clearly where the staff member has gone beyond the call of duty, or performed that duty at such high level of efficiency, or achieved such high level of results, that it is not ordinary.
Laikipia has a 1,862 workforce which is a large team by any measure, and one that should transform the county.
Under these reforms all personnel actions [appointments, promotions, reassignments etc] must be accompanied by performance targets.
The county government has introduced staff IDs for every staff ensuring that each of them knows clearly what is expected of them.
Here are some of the reforms that is going on in the county:
1. Performance Appraisal: Staff complete and review performance with their supervisors using approved templates as part of routine in well managed organisations. The completed appraisal are reviewed by the manager and signed off by the director.
2. Staff in their actual work stations: All staff must be in their actual work stations and not based in the main centers of Nanyuki and Nyahururu. Whereas it is recognized that staffs may commute to work station on a daily basis. They will be expected to fill in timesheets on daily basis.
3. Departmental and Interdepartmental meetings: Department and interdepartmental meetings are regular intervals. Minutes of such meetings are filled with respective levels.
4. Uniforms: Uniforms will be provided to all those units such as enforcement, drivers others who require it
5. General staff meetings: there will be general staff meeting quarterly a year.

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