Laikipia Innovation Fair 2019

_The #LaikipiaInnovationFair2019 is happening this week at Nyahururu Stadium on Thursday 30th May 2019. CS Peter Munya will open the fair. There'll be also an economic symposium in Nyahururu on Friday._
_This year's fair is one of a kind,with over 100 leading economists, political and economic commentators,opinion leaders, just to name but a few, with the Cabinet Secretary-Trade and Industrialization, Hon. Peter Munya being the main guest.These will also take part in an Economic Symposium in Nyahururu on Friday. This year the CG is also unveiling the 2019 Laikipia Statistical Abstract in conjuction with the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics._
_Innovation, being the main driver of industrial growth and job creation is the only way to have an industrialized county and nation. HE Ndiritu Muriithi's election manifesto focused on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship as the main pillar in creating the 30,000 employment opportunities in the county's economy. The Innovation Fair provides a platform where promotion of Laikipian products is done, with a campaign to coerce Laikipians to manufacture, buy/consume their own products._
_This year's Fair will see 100 Laikipian innovators participating at the Nyahururu Stadium. The programme is currently working closely with 200 start-up companies and 22 partners, drawn from agriculture, manufacturing, ICT and engineering sectors._
_All the innovators registered through an online and manual platforms where they filled an application form from the County's website and manual platforms which are developed to capture all the verifiable information... Vetting was done by a technical committee of 7 members who were selected from various relevant departments, who look at the content and ideas of the innovation. After the vetting(preliminary stage) the members do physical visits to assess the innovation and the products based on the thematic areas of ideas. Through this, the team is able to come up with a list of innovators fit for the programme,based on the impact it will have on the lives of Laikipians._
_The innovators with unique ideas and products are later given a chance to meet potential customers/clients,investors and other partners in the program who may certify the profucts._
_The Kenya Bureau of Standards is a key player helping in the certification of the innovators' products,one of them being the BJ-50 TukTuk developed by Mr. Samuel Njogu, an innovator from Nyahururu. More units of the BJ-50 have been ordered across the country by both individuals and corporates, with Njogu creating job opportunities, with 15 people already working under his project._
_Another innovator, David Mburii, who manufactures maize driers(market in West Africa) employs 20 people. His workshop is in Mwireri, Umande Ward._
_Supporting innovation is a positive step towards industrial revolution in the county and country at large. The Laikipia Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair is a platform that links the innovators to potential financiers, ideas to scale up their production, establish partnerships and opportunities for incubation and above all, provide a platform for training opportunities to the very innovators, to help them scale up their innovations._
_Meru University is the latest to seek collaboration with the Laikipia Innovation Programme.Other partners include Laikipia University, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Numerical Machining Complex, regulatory bodies like KIPI, KEBS, AMSCO and Gearbox Kenya and the Kenya Climate Innovation Center, among others.Royal Media Services and the Standard Group are crucial and supportive in marketing our Laikipian made products and services;just to name but a few..._
_Five innovators will visit Rwanda in December this year, in a platform that will enable them display their products and gain knowledge on product quality as an enabler to scale up their Laikipian made products._
_See you at Nyahururu Stadium on the 30th and 31st..._

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