We have listened to our clients, and have obtained the necessary County Treasury approvals.
We encourage our clients to finance their healthcare through NHIF. And, indeed, most of our clients pay for their healthcare through our social insurer. Because of the deepening reach of social insurance in Laikipia County, now, nearly 65% of hospital revenue come from NHIF reimbursements.
However, there are still some wellness services like medical reports, laboratory testing for food handlers, medical examination for educational institutions or employment, that still require out of pocket payments. And we have a small proportion of clients who still will like to pay for their outpatient visit out of pocket. Well wishers and corporates will find this option convenient and a safe way to help a patient in need. Many customers have asked; and will be happy with this new development.
The Paybill number is 315197. The Account Number will be the patient Unique Hospital Identification (UHID), which is either an Outpatient number or an Inpatient number. In the confirmation message, the name of the hospital will be displayed.

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