Sipili, Kinamba Residents Embrace Modernized Towns

Residents of Sipili and Kinamba towns have expressed optimism with the continuing projects to upgrade the trading centres into modern smart towns. During the public participations which saw a large turnout, the residents spoke of great economic opportunities they stand to gain with the completion of the projects that will give the urban centres a new lease of life.
One after the other, the residents lauded the government for coming up with the noble idea of smart towns that will see them operate in clean and organized commercial spaces.
Upon the completion of the urban modernization program, the residents will benefit from green spaces, efficient water and sanitation infrastructures, well-lit streets complete with street addresses among other basic amenities.
At the event in Kinamba, for instance, a resident commercial flour miller lauded the smart towns projects saying an efficient communication infrastructure in towns in Laikipia marries well the new road networks linking the urban centres, a positive development for business activities.
Projects to light up the streets of Kinamba and Sipili towns are set to commence soon after the completion of the streets tarmacs, in addition to improved water and sanitation amenities. The urban lighting projects are set to ensure a 24-hour economy in urban centres.
In the spirit of the Laikipia urban renewal program, the government, through the rapid titling initiative, targets to fast track issuing of title deeds to landowners. This will enable them to secure finances from lenders to put up modern structures that conform to the standards of a Smart Town.
The efficient land titling is welcome news to the residents as it presents them with alternative sources of capital to finance the modernization of their business premises.
The upgrade of the transport infrastructure in the rural is set to open up agricultural zones in Laikipia even further as the government constructs more roads using the leased construction equipment. These roads will link farmers to the smart towns which are fast accelerating into commercial hubs.

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