Laikipia VTCs Becoming Viable Businesses

All the 10 Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) in the county have been set to generate own income and contribute to county revenue.
In this financial year all the Centres are expected to submit a business plans based on their major courses.
Already, some of these VTCs have started generating income through various activities.
We are offering training with a purpose as we generate income. We have confidence that finally our VTCs will be able to sustain themselves, commented CECM Education Tabitha Mbiriri.
Marmanet, Nanyuki and Nyahururu VTCs have combined efforts to produce 300 hospital beds in one area for close monitoring. The beds are of high quality that other surrounding counties have shown interest to purchase from the three VTCs.
Nanyuki VTC is operating a cafeteria at the county assembly of Laikipia, thus making money out of quality education gained from the institution. The facility is now focusing on up-scaling their services to serve in weddings, funerals and parties.
Tigithi VTC is running a bakery with a capacity of producing 72 beads per hour. Market for the same has been identified at all county health facilities, high schools, and outlets in Nanyuki town among others. Certification of running the bakery from Kebs and Nema is almost complete.
Nyahururu VTC is running a leather industry and producing leather shoes which have been proven to be much better than the ones in the market. Also, in collaboration with Toyota Company, the Centre is setting up a motor vehicle workshop with a service man-hole. Further, it will be making desks to be used in all ECDEs in the county.
In order to conserve the environment, Wiyumiririe VTC is concentrating on production of concrete posts for fencing. Their market is mostly from the locals as the town grows attracting local investors. The facility is in the process of starting mass production of cobble stones necessary in actualizing the smart towns initiative.
In garment making sector, Olmoran VTC is the role model as the facility has been in the forefront of making face masks for prevention of Covid-19. Marmanet, Nanyuki, Olmoran, Nyahururu, tigithi and Nanyuki VTCs also participate in making of face masks.
Sipili VTC specializes in masonry works.

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