Compensation For Redundant County Workers

Laikipia county government workers whose positions were declared redundant will be compensated well, the county secretary Mr Karanja Njora has announced.
The process of training and counseling those affected will start next week after the Employment and Labour Relations court on Tuesday 28th July 2020 paved way for the redundancy process.
Mr Njora said each of those affected will be compensated accordingly based on the years one has been in service.
The positions declared redundant were mainly those rendered obsolete by technology such as copy typists, messengers, telephone operators, herdsmen, rodent catchers, among others.
Those affected did not upgrade their training in line with the changing technology and cannot therefore be gainfully engaged in the modern day office environment, Mr Njora said.
Reforms in the county public service started three years ago to make it professional, effective and efficient in service delivery as well as responsive to the needs of the citizens.
The process is intended to optimize public benefit, enhance service delivery, professionalize public service and importantly ensure prudent use of public resources, he said.
Like many other county governments, Laikipia has been struggling to balance between the money it has been paying wages and salaries with the resources it is committing to development.
According to Mr Njora, part of the ongoing county public service reform process involves training, re-designation of staff to match skills to positions as well as filling in existing gaps within the service to achieve maximum productivity.

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