The Power Behind Laikipia Nyati Foot Wear

The name Peter Mwangi has gained popularity in the whole of Laikipia County as the innovator behind the famous Laikipia Nyati Boots.
Though he has been making boots and other leather shoes for the last 15 years, it was not until last year when he was spotted by the county top officials that he graduated to mass production of the foot wear.
The boots are one of the many different types of comfortable leather shoes that Mwangi makes. However, the Laikipia Nyata is the one that has attracted recognition both national and internationally.
Mwangi derived the name Laikipia Nyati from the love he has for the county being a tourism attraction, and for his love for the mother county. The boots are also made from leather from Laikipia.
I saw how tourists flock Laikipia to see world animals like Nyati (Buffalo) and saw the name to be okay. I am proud to be Laikipian, Mwangi explained.
The Laikipia Innovation Development Program (LIDP) directorate facilitated him move from working from home, to the manufacturing cluster in Nyahururu which is more accessible and has better visibility.
Late last year, the department under Director Winnie Mwangi, facilitated Mr. Mwangi and other innovators to exhibit his products in Rwanda and learn on ways to better their products for a period of two weeks.
True Vine Leather Work, as his business is registered, is Kebs certified and makes other types of shoes from a combination of leather and canvas. Low boots, official foot wares, and open shoes are some of the varieties of leather works he specializes in.
Lakipia government is keen to support local innovators upscale for mass production and expo-sure to market. All are called upon to support local innovators and believe in the quality of locally produced goods.
If people would believe in us and buy our products, we can grow to become a big company and offer more people employment, suggested Mwangi.
His footwear shop is located at Common Industrial Facility in Nyahururu town. The retail prices range between Kshs. 1,000 to Kshs. 2,500.
To buy a pair of Laikipia Nyati boots called Mr Mwangi on 0726252817.

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