Nanyuki SME Manufactures Incinerators To Manage Medical Wastes

As Covid-19 continues to pose serious health risks globally, authorities are now grappling with the emerging threat of accelerated transmissions through irregular disposal of hazardous wastes.
That is what Laikipia Innovation Centre seeks to address through their latest piece of innovation; an energy saving incinerator.
David Kagiri, the brain behind the innovation, says his attention was drawn to the risks posed by the unsafe disposal of masks and gloves by the public especially in urban centres.
The innovator explains that the incinerator is specially designed to save energy, there-fore helping destroy the hazardous waste more efficiently.
My concern is, say the danger facing garbage collectors who inevitably come in con-tact with possibly contaminated gloves and masks in their line of work, Mr. Kagiri says, adding that anyone might be tempted to collect and wear a used face mask for fear of enforcement operations, hence the need to cut this possible line of Covid-19 transmission.
He says street families are particularly in danger of contracting and transmitting corona virus if the used masks are left within their reach.
The Nanyuki based SME has sold several units to public health facilities and private organizations in the county, including one to Nanyuki Teaching and Referral Hospital.
According to Mr. Kagiri, the incinerator is one of the numerous innovative equipment currently in production at Laikipia Innovation Centre. They include a fuel efficient maize shelling machine that can shell over 20 bags of maize per hour. The innovator says the maize shelling machine is driving job creation as more youths make use to shell maize for farmers during harvest.
Other remarkable farm implements include hay baling machine and chaff cutter for large scale livestock rearing, among other ma-chines.
The hay baling machine, which is still under development, can make 40 to 50 bales of hay per hour. The bales minimize wastage of animal feeds.
Through the County Innovations Programme, Laikipia Innovations Centre has been able to showcase their innovations at exhibitions as far as Rwanda.
The centre also offers internship opportunities for students from technical institutions from Laikipia, Meru, Nyeri and Thika counties.

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