Nanyuki SME Now Producing Low Sugar Carbonated Drinks


Have you been struggling with an urge for a soda but find the available one too sugary?
Well, consider yourself lucky. A Nanyuki start up, The Butty Box, has a solution for you.
The firm manufactures a type of carbonated soft drink with minimal sugar for better dieting. One of the main drinks under this name is Water Kefir- a sparkling probiotic drink whose taste resembles that of lemonade.
Ms. Wambui Mwangi, who is the person behind Agro processing start-up, insists on use of non-chemical raw materials to maintain good health in her customers. She and her better-half use only locally produced fruits to add flavor to their special soft drink. They do not allow even the smallest amounts of chemicals like those found in coffee.
The raw materials come from the small scale farmers of dairy and fruits farmers. No preservative exist in the couples products, hence have high minerals and vitamins, similar to the ones found in ripe fruits.
Our products are dairy and caffeine free and a healthy alternative to soda. Our drinks do not contain any chemicals, preservatives or artificial colors. We use locally sourced fruits to flavor our drinks, says Ms. Mwangi.
She recognizes the county government of Laikipias efforts to hand-hold small businesses as she is one of the over 350 innovators under the Laikipia Innovation Development Programme.
Before the incorporation into the programme, The Butty Box was known to only a few individual and according to the law she was operating an illegal business, for lack of proper certification. Though the product was a genuine and healthy one, its only through a go ahead from Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) approval that it was recognized as legit.
We are grateful to the County Government of Laiklipia for facilitating us to get a Kebs certificate. Our business has been in operation since September 2019 but it was not until around April 2020 that we came out to mass produce, now that we had received a Kebs certificate, said the innovator.
Other assistance from the county government includes numerous trainings and general linkages to the consumers.
The business has now grown to give its customers a variety of Kebs approved products to choose from. These are composed of three distinct flavours Lemon Ginger, Passion and Pineapple Mint.
At the moment we only have the three flavours but we are expanding and incorporate more, said the ambitious Political Science Degree holder from Maseno University. Ms. Mwangi has worked in the hospitality sector for the last six years.
Asked why they ventured into producing this rare product, she says they sported a lack of consumer friendly product and thus saw a business opportunity.
We noticed a gap in the market for natural low sugar carbonated soft drinks and we decided to seal it, she said.
The Butty Box products are mainly in various outlets in Nanyuki, Nyeri and Nairobi towns. A market study by the enterpreneurs show that most of the customers are females aged between 25 and 45 years. However, the product is recommended for all people of all ages, and especially those who are health conscious.
When covid-19 hit the country, the couple adopted by majoring on online selling. Delivery is done within 24 hours in Nairobi and major cities, and only within 48 hours when a customer hails from the Coast region.
For more queries, clarifications or orderaing of the organic products,
Call Ms. Mwangi on 0726823355, or
Social media handles @buttyboxnanyuki

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