Governor Ndiritu Muriithi engaging with Thingithu Ward traders

HE Governor Ndiritu Muriithi accompanied by CEC Trade and Tourism Biwott Tirop and Chair of Departmental committee on Trade and Tourism who is also MCA For Thingithu ward Stephen Nderitu, visited the recently occupied old Bus Park stalls and engaged with traders. Traders expressed their joy to the county for solving the stalled Bus Park project and pledged to fully support the County government

Have you Registered for NHIF?

A revolution is happening in Laikipia. The county is on the move. 21 in every 100 households have taken Health insurance. They can now access quality medical care free of charge.
Have you joined the movement yet? The train has already left. Ask your wife, husband, brother, sister or neighbour, are you part of the transformed Laikipia.
Be smart, be Laikipian, let’s move together by joining NHIF.


9:30am_ meeting cooperative members at salama centre and irrigation training in partnership with LWF
10:30am _ NHIF registration drive and kilimo sahihi training at Rumuruti livestock market.
11:30am _Rumuruti leaders meeting at catholic hall
12:30pm _ public rally at kungu maitu,Rumuruti
1:30pm _ Visit to keneth Gichuhi model farm at mutamaiyu
2:30pm _ leaders meeting at TIVET POSTA
3:30 pm_ Nhif and kilimo faida registration drive Tivet posta
4:00pm _ kilimo sahihi training at Tivet posta
5:00pm _ public meeting for Nhif and kilimo faida Registartion drive at kinamba,sosian

Public Participatory Meetings

From The week.starting on 5th through out to around 13th Feb and 15th the latest,there will be Public Participatory Meetings held at every sublocation daily all over the County in all wards to engage the citizenry in Participatory Budget (PB) process for a prioritised community project not exceeding 2 million per sublocation;
(i) ensure citizens prioritise expected projects
(ii)air views on ongoing projects
(iii)engage and mobilised on contract farming on informed enterprises to be practised in this case sorghum being contracted by East African Maltings Limited a subsidiary raw materials sourcing company for East African Breweries Ltd and Canola an oil crop
……Simply the idea of entrenching what was pledged and promised by the Governor during campaigns in his Manifesto and incorporated, drafted in the CIDP(County Integrated Development Plan) a five year county Master plan which will be divided into a realisable ADP (Annual Development Plan)

Laikipia West Technical Institute, Kabage

H.E the Governor Ndiritu Muriithi together with Laikipia west MP , MCAs and other leaders, visited Laikipi West Technical Institute at Kabage to assess the institution infrastructure development . In attendance were project contractor, ministry and county officials, Kiirwa TTI (sponsoring TTI from Meru) among others. They resolved that the institution must be completed by May this year.
Later they held a public rally in Rumuruti where education development in the county was emphasized.

Governor Ndiritu Muriithi Launches Spot Award programme for County Workers

Nanyuki,  December 18, 2017 Laikipia governor Ndiritu Muriithi has launched a spot award programme to recognize public servants who have demonstrated exemplary performance.
The programme is based on the belief that organizational performance is the sum total of individual performance.
“I want a motivated, self-directing workforce. I want people with fire in the belly…individuals who are eager to create positive change and who want to build the greatest county with the best quality of life undeterred by existing challenges,” the governor said while presenting cheques to 14 such county employees.
Among the county employees who were rewarded were those who went out of their way to enroll the highest numbers of households to NHIF and registering farmers to contract farming.
Two employees were rewarded for grading more than 100 kilometres of road between Nanyuki- and Loniek within four days ahead of the amateur Fun Race on November 25.
Accompanied by his deputy John Mwaniki, the county chief said spot awards is a best practice the world over and even in high performing corporations.
“It’s our way of saying well done to high performers. It is not intended to reward average performance while the citation must show very clearly where the staff member has gone beyond the call of duty, or performed that duty at such high level of efficiency, or achieved such high level of results, that it is not ordinary,” he said.
The governor said the county’s 1,862 strong work force is large enough to transform the county.
We want you to be proud to be a public servant in Laikipia. But remember a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Do not be the weak link!
“We want you to be proud to be a public servant in Laikipia. But remember a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Do not be the weak link!”
Mr Muriithi said all appointments, promotions, reassignments, or any other personnel action will from now on be accompanied by performance targets so that staff can be clear of what is expected of them.
He urged county workers to keep simple rules: “We keep time; we keep our promises; we under promise and over deliver and, we are here to provide a service. We must walk the talk.”
The governor said the destiny of the people of Laikipia and future generation rests on the shoulders of county workers.
‘So ask yourself this. Why are you here, in this public service, at this
time? Are you proud of the work that you do? Are you the best in the world at what you do? If this was your business, would you employ yourself? Would you employ your co-worker? If you were an outsider judging the performance of this service, what grade would you pronounce?” he posed.
Mr Mwaniki urged county workers to use the Christmas holiday to decide which side of the divide they want to be in the coming year; performers or non-performers.
He said separation with those who do not perform will be real because the new administration has a mandate to deliver.
The deputy governor said county government will continue to support and improve the environment for workers to deliver with a view to keeping Laikipia ahead of other counties in terms of public service delivery. GPS-Laikipia

New Vocational and Technical Institute set to be opened in Laikipia

Finally, Laikipia has a technical institute. Laikipia East Technical and Vocational College is set to open its doors to pioneer students in January. The institute is start off with diploma and certificate courses in ten disciplines.Two other such institution are also about to open in Muhotetu in Laikipia West and Mowarak in Laikipia. Empowering our youth with technical know-how will lead to innovation-based development.

Spearheading Laikipia Enterprise Fund, Cooperatives Revolving Fund

Scaling up the operations of Laikipia Enterprise Fund and the Cooperatives Revolving Fund will be a key enabler in Governor Ndiritu Muriithi’s strategy to create 30,000 jobs. To achieve this objective, the two funds require robust systems and right partnership in place.

Stakeholders were today brainstorming on this at a meeting in Nanyuki. This will culminate in more resources for the Funds.