Launch of the Lamuria Market Stalls

Laikipia East Residents have a Date with the H.E Governor Ndiritu Muriithi,On Saturday 3rd Feb 2018 he will be in Ngarengiro (Lamuria) to launch the Lamuria market stalls,Spearhead the initiative of NHIF registration which he promised to cost share with each household and also to set ground for installation of a theatre in Lamuria dispensary. Later on the same day he will be expected in Makutano and Wiyumiririe

Governor’s 10 Day Tour around the County.

His Excellency the Governor Ndiritu Muriithi Will be On 10 Day Tour around the County beginning 3rd of February 2018.

Laikipia county government is set to roll out the second phase of contract farming next month as part of an initiative of making agriculture profitable for farmers. His Excellency the Governor Ndiritu Muriithi Laikipia County will be on 10 Day tour around the county to market the same.
Hi Excellency will also use the opportunity to recruit households into the National Hospital Insurance Fund with the aim of achieving a universal healthcare for the residents across county. On Saturday 3rd Feb 2018 he will be in Ngarengiro (Lamuria) to launch the Lamuria market stalls, NHIF registration which he promised to cost share with each household and also to set ground for installation of a theatre in Lamuria dispensary. Later on the same day he will be expected in Makutano and Wiyumiririe.

Contract Farming
The rollout will take place in all the wards between February 2-10 where farmers will be linked with buyers, processors, farming experts and extension officers.
“Our goal is to provide an afro-package to generate at least 216,000 shillings per year,” acting Agriculture chief officer Daniel Thuo said.
Sorghum farming has attracted a lot of interest from farmers after East African Breweries through its subsidiary East African Maltings expressed interest in buying up to 30,000 metric tonnes from Laikipia.
More than 3,860 farmers have signed contracts with the East African Breweries for sorghum farming since the launch of the first phase on September 21 last year.
The county government partially funded 204 farmers with 559 acres to plant for last year’s short rains. More are expected to plant for the long rains in March.
Farming experts will outline the crops that are suitable for individual wards but the overall goal of the county government is publish a map of crops and livestock that are profitable to produce in every village.
Processors like Bidco, Twiga Foods, New KCC, and Ag Ventures will be represented. Farmers will be educated on ways of growing of various crops and the existing opportunities of making money through them

The Amaya Triangle Initiative partnership with the KCB Foundation


ONGOING: The Amaya Triangle Initiative partnership with the KCB Foundation at Fairview Hotel, Nairobi.
The Amaya Triangle Initiative brings together leaders from Laikipia, Baringo, Isiolo and Samburu Counties to address the root causes of conflict that causes death, destruction and despair in these 4 regions. They include invasion of private land, forceful evictions and inter-ethnic clashes during drought.
This initiative aims to bring positive transformations in these regions

Roads Rehabilitation in the County

Laikipia county Government under the leadership of H.E Governor Ndiritu Muriithii is committed to providing better infrastructure , reliable and efficient road network.

Road grading ongoing currently at Marmanet ward. Roads to be rehabilitated include
• Melwa Primary to Nyanjuki dam,
• Gatundia Catholic to Munanda road, 
• Gatarasha to Limunga secondary,
• Kwa Wainaina to Joram road,
• Astu to Oljabet bridge road,
• kwa Mukundi to Muthaiga road Oljabet.
This is in continuation of the rehabilitation of 150 km of roads in the entire county Laikipia County.

Rehabilitation of 150 kilometers of Roads in all the Wards in the County

Laikipia County Government has embarked on rehabilitation of 150 kilometers of roads in all the wards in the county.

Each ward will benefit with 10 kilometers of roads that will be graveled, graded and culverts installed at a cost of 60 million.

Speaking  while commissioning the rehabilitation of Mathagiro – Karachi road in Umande ward on Monday, the deputy governor John Mwaniki said the executive was working with members of county Assembly in identifying the roads in their respective areas that need to be rehabilitated before the onset of long rains in March.

“There are eight weeks remaining before the onset of the rains and we have resolved to gravel and grade 150 kilometers of roads across the county,” Mr Mwaniki said. 

The area MCA Mr. Daniel Mugweru appealed to the local residents in the area who have built structures on roadsides to move them so as to give room for the road works.

“If we cooperate with the government I’m sure Laikipia will be county number one in Kenya once we rehabilitate roads in our wards in the entire county. When the graders come please let those with structure besides the roads move them to enable the expansion of the roads.” The ward representative noted.

The area residents expressed their joy as they could not believe that graders had been commissioned to upgrade that road which they said had been a challenge to many who had to ferry their loved ones to hospital and also the young children attending the local school in the area. They said the road gets impassable when it rains and therefore this was a relieve to them.

The exercise shall be conducted in all the wards across the county. 07

Cooperative Leaders Meeting

HE the Governor Ndiritu Muriithi CEC Agriculture Dr. Lucy Murugi and CEC Biwott Nicholas last weekend held a Cooperative leaders meeting for Laikipia east and north
The county government will strengthen the societies so that they be part of our projects implementation arm such as contract farming, NHIF registration on universal health care, improvement on education among other programmes.
Leaders meeting for Laikpia west will be held in a short while.


Laikipia county government is set to rehabilitate 150km of roads across the County

County Government of Laikipia has set out to rehabilitate 150km of roads across the county, 10km in each of the 15 wards. The exercise that entails grading, gravelling and culvert installation shall take 8 weeks.

H.E the Deputy Governor honourable John Mwaniki joined the CECM Roads and Infrastructure Joseph Shuel, Umande ward MCA Daniel Mugweru in commissioning the rehabilitation of Mathagiro – Karchi road. The exercise will go on in all the wards.

Modernization of the County Public Service Begins with Staff Performance Appraisals

The county government under the leadership of HE Governor Ndiritu Muriithi has embarked on an ambitious and far reaching modernization of the public service in Laikipia.

The aim is to ensure a high performance and professional public service. This exercise has several elements among them quarterly spot awards for exemplary performance and staff performance appraisals.

The governor has declared that every personnel action such as appointment, promotion and reassignment must be accompanied performance targets.

For the first time ever, all public servants will undergo performance appraisal for the period between June-December 2017. The exercise will be completed by Monday January 15, 2018. Those who will not have completed their appraisal will be struck out of payroll.

The exercise is aimed at creating a merit-based structure for staff promotions and weed out any ghost worker.

“An organizational performance is the sum total of individual performance.

I want a motivated, self-directing workforce. I want people with fire in the belly…individuals who are eager to create positive change and build the greatest county with the best quality of life,” the governor said.

This is the first time that the county government is carrying staff performance appraisals which is an exercise that is synonymous with the private sector.

Laikipia could be the first county to move in the direction to enable employee know what their work is and chart their destiny.

“There has not been a clearly defined parameters structure of promoting employees in the county government and the appraisals will henceforth inform such decisions,” the governor said on January 11, 2018 during a meeting with staff of Laikipia West sub-county at a Rumuruti hotel.

It has emerged that some county workers do not know who their supervisors are while some supervisors do not also know their staff which raises the possibility of existence of ghost workers.

Last December, the county government gave cash awards to workers who had put up a superior performance in the past three months.

During the spot awards workers complained of favoritism and unclear procedures in conferring promotions.

Laikipia West Technical Institute, Kabage

H.E the Governor Ndiritu Muriithi together with Laikipia west MP , MCAs and other leaders, visited Laikipi West Technical Institute at Kabage to assess the institution infrastructure development . In attendance were project contractor, ministry and county officials, Kiirwa TTI (sponsoring TTI from Meru) among others. They resolved that the institution must be completed by May this year.
Later they held a public rally in Rumuruti where education development in the county was emphasized.