From The week.starting on 5th through out to around 13th Feb and 15th the latest,there will be Public Participatory Meetings held at every sublocation daily all over the County in all wards to engage the citizenry in Participatory Budget (PB) process for a prioritised community project not exceeding 2 million per sublocation;
(i) ensure citizens prioritise expected projects
(ii)air views on ongoing projects
(iii)engage and mobilised on contract farming on informed enterprises to be practised in this case sorghum being contracted by East African Maltings Limited a subsidiary raw materials sourcing company for East African Breweries Ltd and Canola an oil crop
……Simply the idea of entrenching what was pledged and promised by the Governor during campaigns in his Manifesto and incorporated, drafted in the CIDP(County Integrated Development Plan) a five year county Master plan which will be divided into a realisable ADP (Annual Development Plan)