Located on the equator, Laikipia County is found in the Great Rift Valley and is among the smallest in Kenya with an area of 9,462 square kilometers.

Laikipia which means treeless plain in Maasai language is a vast plain where different kinds of wildlife, including the big five roam freely on the rangelands of Laikipia.


The county borders six counties: Meru and Nyeri to the south, Nyandarua to the southwest, Samburu to the north, Isiolo to the northeast and Baringo to the west.


Laikipia County constitutes three constituencies; Laikipia West, Laikipia East and Laikipia North. 

People and Communities

The county’s population according to the 2009 National Census is 399,227 with males forming 49.8% while female form 50.2% of the population. With multiple ethnic communities, the Kikuyus and Maasai communities form the largest portion of its residents. Other tribes mainly Borana, Samburu, Kalenjin, Meru, Somali, Turkana, European and Asian settlers are the resident minorities.

Major Towns


Located 6.5km north of the equator, Nanyuki town is the current county headquarters.

Nanyuki hosts the main Kenya Air Force airbase and the British Army training camp. It’s always booming with business activity as residents strive to satisfy the needs of tourists and army officers who reside in the town.

Upper Front-Nanyuki Town


Nyahururu town came about due to the Thomson falls in the nearby Ewaso Nyiro River.

Because of dairy farming activities in the area, the town is an important player in the milk processing sector. Nyahururu is also known for it’s large production and trading of fresh farm produce like peas, potatoes and carrots which are then transported for sale in major towns.

thompson falls, Nyahururu

Economic Activities

Agriculture is the dominant economic activity. Majority of residents keep livestock and grow different food crops such as maize, carrots, peas, potatoes, wheat and cash crops as well as horticultural crops. Laikipia County is known for its big open ranches like Solio, Borana and Oljogi which provide a significant source of beef for local consumption and export. The county also benefits from tourism due to the many wildlife conservancies and ranches. Because of its diverse wildlife, it’s one of the top destination for local and foreign tourists. Some of the tourist attraction sites include; ol Pejeta conservancy, Thomson falls, Laikipia Plateau reserve among others.


A peaceful and prosperous model county.


To facilitate equitable and sustainable development through efficient and effective service delivery.