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Topic: "What are your views on the new Laikipia Portal?"

This knowledge management portal is one of the key deliverables of Laikipia's action plan for putting into place a knowledge management system that will ensure that the Corporation's knowledge assets are captured, stored and shared for achieving the Corporation's success. Its aim is to provide Laikipia with the framework and tools for continuous culture of knowledge sharing and learning to meet the demands arising from the dramatic transformations that are changing the face of world industries and forging increased competition. Demands arising from these changes calls for Laikipia to become more agile, devise appropriate innovations and improve its systems and its institutional readiness for more continuous learning and sharing. It is in the sense of improving its learning from development practice that Laikipia will increasingly become a knowledge based Corporation. What are your views on this new portal?
Jul 8, 2015
How can I access this from my phone or tablet when am out of the office?
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Rage Jul 8, 2015
I totally like the new intranet. it is very informative and engaging.
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Nov 2, 2015
it is very informative and engaging.
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