1. Value addition in sweet potatoes (making of sweet potato crisps, flour, vines)
    2. Stocking of drip kits
    3. Maize and wheat flour milling & packaging
    4. Horticulture farming (flowers, fruits and vegetables)
    5. The county government is doing the following to benefit the farmers;
    6. Organizing farmers into marketing Groups/Coop's for ensuring steady supply volumes and shorter market chains
    7. Installation of Milk coolers and processing plants to the above groups to reduce wastage
    8. Investing in livestock extension and engaging private partners to boost hay production
    9. Distribution of subsidized fertilizer and mechanization to reduce fodder/hay production costs
    10. To promote bee keeping and honey production, the county government is working together with other stakeholders to provide farmers with modern beehives and carrying out
    11. extension services
    12. Provision of efficient vet/Extension services for quality production


  1. Maintenance of marketing infra-structure
  2. Establishment of livestock export zones
  3. Infrastructural Support to abattoir Sanitary systems
  4. Adjust policy and legal framework in favor of local slaughter





















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