Frequently Asked Questions About Laikipia Enterprise Fund

About Laikipia Enterprise Development Fund


The fund was established through an enactment of the Laikipia county enterprise fund bill into law on the 19th June 2014. The fund was gazzetted vide legal notice no 18 act no 10 on 19/6/2014 established by legal notice no 10 of 2014.

Amendment of the same act on 29th June 2017 and regulations on 13th march 2018.


  1. Creating employment opportunities to a tune of 30,000 jobs in the private sector.

  2. Rolling out 300 million to loan beneficiaries.


The fund is managed by a board. The role of the board is to approve loans for beneficiaries. The fund manager is in charge of the day to day affairs of the board. The ward officers (CDA’s) are in charge of their respective wards.



  1. Registration certificate under social economic category.

  2. Bank statement for the last six (6) months.

  3. MUST be Operating within Laikipia.

  4. Group by-laws clearly capturing on collateral and guarantee issues.

  1. TRADERS’ LOANS (individual, partnerships and companies)

  1. Business should be operating within Laikipia County.

  2. Renewed operating license.

  3. Loan security (tangible collaterals).

  4. CRB clearance certificate.

  5. Bank statement for the last six (6) months.

  6. For youths/unemployed; should provide a guarantor willing to avail tangible security for the loan.



FOR GROUPS: Ksh. 50,000 – Ksh. 300,000.

INDIVIDUALS: Ksh. 20,000 – Ksh. 200,000.

  1. The loan interest is 6%. (annual)

  2. Loan re-payment period is one (1) year for new applicants and between 1-2 years for subsequent applicants i.e. those applying for 2nd, 3rd … time.

  3. Grace period is one (1) month for new applicants and two to three (2-3) months for subsequent applicants.

  4. Mode of payment is M-PESA & BANK DEPOSIT.


Ans. You can benefit from the following ways.

(a) Through start-up loans which can be up to ksh.50,000

(b) Asset financing – whereby property will co-joined

(c) Entrepreneurial skills through trainings.

(d) Exchange programs & exposure tours. (e) Market linkages.

Having accessed an application form, you can visit your ward C.D.A for guidance in filling the form

Application forms are available in the C.D.A’s office, the ministry of trade headquarters. You can also download an application form from the Laikipia county website and the website.

The loans range from 20,000-200,000 Ksh for individual loans and Ksh 50,000-300,000 for group loans.

Our loan has an interest rate of 6% reducing balance. This however in our view is best explained as a management fee as it’s not too much burden to the applicant. The government is also NOT on a mission of profit making.

All loans are payable within a period of two (2) calendar years. However, if applicant is capable of paying within a lesser time, they are encouraged to do so.

All payments shall be made through bank and M-PESA paybill.


NO. The enterprise fund is open to all public. The enterprise fund is NOT a financial institution and its main aim of this fund is to empower business people.

Farmers are encouraged to apply loans under contract farming. However, plans are underway to deliver a loan product which will farming-oriented. Subsistence farmers can however apply for the funds.

We have a product called asset financing where the equipment will be co-owned between you (the applicant) and the enterprise fund.

The applicant is required to attach in the application form the; KRA Pin, ID photocopy, Bank AC statement. The applicant MUST also be ready and willing to fully insure (comprehensive) the asset.

The following items could be used as security;

(i) Household assets.

(ii) Farm animals.

(iii) Motor-vehicles, motorcycles, tuktuks and other business assets.

(iv) Shares (from registered companies) and insurance.

(v) Asset financed (for asset financing)

YES. The guarantor can use his property as collateral. Youths applying for loans can use their parent as a guarantor and use their (parent’s) property as collateral.

YES. All collaterals MUST be insured before disbursement of the loan. This is essential so as to prevent risks e.g. theft, sickness etc.

  • Charging of collaterals will be a legal process involving an advocate as a witness.
  • Applicants will sign transfer forms.
  • All logbooks and other documents shall be under safe custody of the COUNTY GOVERNMENT OF LAIKIPIA.

Return a duly filled application form to the C.D.A’s office. The C.D.A shall then forward your form to the fund manager who shall then present the form to the board for evaluation.

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