Living In Laikipia


Situated in the highest town in Kenya, Nyahururu is 2360 Metres above sea level, the Falls are 74 metres high. One of nature's breathtaking…

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Black Panther pictured by remote cameras in Laikipia County

The big cat, also known as a black panther, was pictured by remote cameras in Laikipia County which were set up to study the dynamics of…

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Harnessing Technology through culture-Laikipia indigenous technology…

Harnessing Technology through culture" is the theme of Laikipia Indigenous Technology Festive scheduled to take place between 10th and 11th…

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35,000 Laikipia Land Owners to Get Title Deeds in Five Months

The Ministry of Lands and Physical planning in partnership with the county government of Laikipia will process and issue 35,000 title deeds…

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Industrialization in Laikipia

Ongoing Mining and Extraction Activities The common extractive activity in the county consists of red sand harvesting along riverbeds in…

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Land and Land Use

The average private farm size for small-scale holders is 2 acres while for large-scale holders is 20 acres. Laikipia is dominantly a…

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Housing Types

It is estimated that 66.5 per cent of the households own the homes they live in. Most of the population is sheltered in semi-permanent…

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Energy Access

The national power grid serves 156 trading centers and is yet to reach 24 centers. The households using electricity for lighting constitute…

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County Connectivity

INFRASTRUCTURE AND ACCESS According to the Second County Integrated Development Plan 2018-2022, the total classified road network in the…

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Living in Laikipia

Laikipia County is one of the 14 counties within the Rift Valley region and one of the 47 counties in the Republic of Kenya. It borders…

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The beautiful magnificent view of the Snow-capped Mt Kenya

Amazing scene.The view of the snow-capped Mt Kenya visible in every doorstep of Nanyuki town #destination laikipia

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Laikipia Enjoys International Attention with the Visit of American…

Laikipia is enjoying international attention following a visit by nine American travel journalists on the return direct flight from New…

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  News & Events

  1. Animal Health To Boost Farmers IncomeFeb 05, 2020 - The County Government of Laikipia has launched a…
  2. Experts to Attend Laikipia Mining Conference to Discuss Iron Ore DiscoveryJan 28, 2020 - Experts in the mining industry are set to…
  3. Sipili, Kinamba Residents Embrace Modernized TownsJan 27, 2020 - Residents of Sipili and Kinamba towns have…

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