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Nanyuki SME Manufactures Incinerators To Manage Medical Wastes

As Covid-19 continues to pose serious health risks globally, authorities are now grappling with the emerging threat of accelerated…

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Governor, First Lady Encourage Sports Team

Sports have an unmatched fascination to young people. They offer an essential platform for talent exploitation, present unique…

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Change Before You Are Changed

There has been little in terms of behavior change despite Covid-19 positive cases rising sharply in Laikipia County over the last few…

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Constant Reforms to Better Public Service

In an effort to build a more productive workforce, the government has embarked on work plan preparation and departmental performance…

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Nyahururu VTC's Quality Leather Shoes

One of the sources of quality and affordable leather shoes in Laikipia County is Nyahururu Vocational and Training Centre (VTC). This is in…

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Professionals up Mentorship Efforts As child Pregnancies in Laikipia…

Laikipia North women professionals are continuing with mentorship programme targeting teenage girls as data from local public health…

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Why Laikipia Insists on Data in Making Decisions

A popular phrase goes numbers dont lie. This is what motivates the county govern-ment of Laikipia to always ensure use of accurate data in…

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The Power Behind Laikipia Nyati Foot Wear

The name Peter Mwangi has gained popularity in the whole of Laikipia County as the innovator behind the famous Laikipia Nyati Boots. Though…

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Compensation for Redundant County Workers

Laikipia county government workers whose positions were declared redundant will be compensated well, the county secretary Mr Karanja Njora…

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Hongera MAMA Kit Helping the Needy

The Hongera MAMA KIT is an initiative by County Government of Laikipia directed towards providing an incentive for mothers to deliver their…

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Laikipia Introduces Phone App in Covid-19 Screening

Laikipia looks for better methods of capturing data on those who enter the county through various boarder points after shifting from…

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How Laikipia Economic Stimulus Package Will Work

To facilitate access and utilization of the Kshs. 2 billion from KCB and Kshs 300 million from Co-op Bank, we have embarked on training of…

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