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Governor Ndiritu Muriithi Appears Before the Senate.

Governor NdirituMuriithi appeared before the Senate Public Accounts and Investment Committee on the Auditor's Report for the FY 17/18.…

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Welcome To The Laikipia Ushanga Market

The Laikipia Ushanga market is open this and every other Wednesday at the Nanyuki Mall. This is an initiative of the county government of…

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Addressing Perennial Challenges in Sports Sector

Towards addressing perennial challenges in the sport sector, county sports facilities Users held a #public participation at #Nyahururu…

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Good Times Ahead For The Health Sector In Laikipia

Laikipia county government embarked on a county wide NHIF drive last year as a way to achieve universal health coverage. This led to a…

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Panari Resort Nyahururu, 5-Star rating as from 21 August 2019

Tourism Regulatory Authority awards Panari Resort Nyahururu, 5-Star rating.Congrats! @ThePanariHotel @magicalkenya @LaikipiaCountyG…

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The County have successfully leased specialized equipment

10/9/2019 : We have successfully leased specialized equipment to Fastrack water and infrastructure development. This will certainly…

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Leasing Road Construction Equipment To Improve Quality of Life

Laikipia County has chalked the single biggest transaction yet involving the leasing of road construction equipment. The Shs180 million…

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Free Surgical Medical Camp For Laikipia Residents

In a bid to improve access to quality healthcare for residents of Laikipia county, the county government of Laikipia through the department…

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Annual Development Plan

The Annual Development Plan for the FY 2020/2021 has been completed. This is after a vigorous public participation process of over 60…

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Muhotetu Cereal warehouse

The roofing of Muhotetu cereal warehouse is ongoing. This is one of the three maize warehouses being constructed the others two are in…

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Muthengera Borehole

Muthengera Borehole, Igwamiti Ward, Laikipia West. Solar Water pump and storage. Another promise fulfilled by County Government of Laikipia…

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Laikipia With The Best Quality Of Life

Laikipia County has the highest LIFE EXPECTANCY at 72 YEARS and the second county with the LOWEST INFANT MORTALITY rate thanks to a high…

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