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Covid-19 sensitize

County Government of Laikipia We continue to sensitize all communities on the covid_19 preventive measures WearMask ,keepsocialdistance…

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Zero Contact Food Distribution Application(ZCFD).

Laikipia County Goverment officially becomes the first county in Kenya to successfully use the Zero Contact Food Distribution…

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Lisha Jamii Initiative in Maina Village, Igwamiti Ward, Laikipia West.

Laikipia County Emergency Fund Committee was in Maina village, Igwamiti Ward, in Laikipia West testing 'Zero Contact Food Distribution…

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Laikipia County Devices Safe Food Distribution Model

The Laikipia County Government has come up with a system to distribute food to the needy that is fair, ensures social distance and wont…

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Mask to use

not any mask, kindly advise people to use surgical mask This is a virus but not dust

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COVID-19 Pandemic command center

Status report on COVID19 case alert in Ngobit. We continue to urge all people to be vigilant and report all suspicious cases & activities…

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Test run of the zero contact distribution system

The food distribution team conducted a test run of the zero contact distribution system in Kanyoni Village area outside Nanyuki.The system…

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Council of Governors

Council of Governors@KenyaGovernors In the last 24hrs: 707 tests 9 have tested positive 234 total positive cases 53 recovered 156 in…

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Hand Washing tanks Donation

The tanks donated by BATUK to LaikipiaCountyG are delivered and ready to provide handwashing facilities to communities in the county who…

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personal protective Equipment (PPEs) & Protective Masks in Laikipia

you can purchase StopTheSpreadOfCorona facemasks from the following manufacturers who are on KaribuLaikipia LaikipiaLidp SMEs portfolio.…

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Complete makeover of Nyahururu's Liberty-Nyaki road:

Complete makeover of Nyahururu's Liberty-Nyaki road: socio-economic development and the envisaged behaviour can only increase our…

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