Modernization Of Rumuruti Livestock Market Infrastructures


Rumuruti Livestock Market is one of the major secondary/tertiary markets in the CEREB region and is able to serve livestock traders from as far as Nairobi, Nakuru, Meru, Marsabit, Samburu, Baringo, and Isiolo counties. The devolved government has modernized all its major Livestock Sale-yards to top-notch classic markets.


The New Rumuruti Livestock Market that is under construction is being funded by the County Government of Laikipia and is going to be one of the largest Livestock Market in the CEREB region. The market measures 210m by 85m = 17, 850m2 (Approx. 4.5 acres), making it the largest Livestock Sale-yard in the region.


The market will have all the required facilities in a modern Livestock Market.


It has an off-loading ramp, an inspection unit, a holding pen, four huge paddocks (Two for shoats and two for cattle). It also has an auction bay and a loading ramp.


When complete, the sale yard will hold 5,250 cattle and 7,350 shoats (sheep and goats) at any given time.


With the modernization of all these major livestock markets, linking them to KLMIS, adoption of feedlot production, and the use of the LITS system by livestock farmers, this will make the livestock farmers reap huge returns from their business - as they will easily get their livestock to the market with ease.


In the past four years, the County Government of Laikipia has been wisely investing in the improvement of Livestock marketing infrastructures.


All this is geared towards improving the returns received from livestock-keeping enterprises by the farmers.


Other similar markets that have been modernized include, Kimanjo Livestock Market, Muwarak Livestock Market, and OlMoran Livestock Market.


The main focus of the government has been on four critical areas that aim to make livestock keeping a well-paying enterprise. These are:-


  • Promoting and supporting feedlot production,
  • Promotion and adoption of Livestock Identification & Traceability System (LITS) - to enable them access prime markets,
  • Modernizating all major livestock sale-yards, and
  • Linking of all the major livestock markets to the national Kenya Livestock Market Information System (KLMIS) - For information sharing.

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