LHS Nanyuki: Boost To Transparency, Accountability As Hospital Enters Third Year Of Cashless Transactions.


In early 2020, LHS Nanyuki officially moved payment for services to a cashless platform, effectively transitioning from the previous clumsy cash-based payment option that was marred with inconveniences, slowdowns, and unclear accountability.


Two years down the line, the efficiency of the platform is something the hospital is proud of, as it brings previously imagined efficiencies into reality, boosting hospital operations and service delivery to its clients.


With the integration of clinical service records, billing, and cashing transactions on a single platform, the hospital is progressively moving away from tedious paperwork to more efficient automated transactions - saving time and resources in the process.


The platform enables the integration of the information management system with that of the mobile payment platform to deliver a seamless process in cash management.


Hospital accounts manager Nahashon Ngunjiri is proud of the development, terming it one major leap in streamlining efficiency in revenue management and general staff administration.


It is a revolution in accountability for every transaction we make here, easing our work when reconciling figures for our periodic. Mr. Ngunjiri says. This convenience means I have more time to perform better coordination among the teams I work with. This has brought more transparency and auditable transactions. We can resolve challenges easily when they arise.


Reliability and efficiency.


For the accountant, it has been a journey of explorations working with the technical support team to explore the vast capabilities that the system has to offer in line with the dynamic needs.


The far we are is a result of continuous gradual improvement that has seen us progressively seal one gap after another. It has taken a collective effort but most importantly, the immense support from the management has been monumental in the implementation of the system.Mr. Ngunjiti says.


Thanks to the plaform's efficiency, the system allows for a very elaborate trail, allowing for the closest monitoring of payments and even the patient trail throughout the service points. Boosted by clear separation of duties that make it extremely hard for any coordination of any dishonest transactions.


The elaborate audit trail enables us to flag any mischief at the exact service point, as compared to the old cash-based payment that was almost impossible to provide concrete evidence of wrongful payment.the accounts manager observes.


Future of possibilities.


The successful transitioning to the cashless payment platform has unlocked immense possibilities in utilizing technology in general hospital administration, from clinical work to patient flow management, record-keeping among other areas.


These initial successes provide for an even bigger scale up to addressing revenue and administrative challenges in public institutions.

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