ICT: The Backbone Of Quality Healthcare Delivery System At LHS Nanyuki.


One of the key components aimed at boosting the success of Laikipia County's new healthcare system is the utilization of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) in all the 87 outlets. ICT has the capacity to influence all aspects of the health sector and this points out the significance of its use in achieving the Laikipia Health Service's (LHS) vision of providing quality healthcare to all. A number of LHS outlets have integrated ICT into their operating system in order to respond to the changing environment as well as improve the overall quality of care for patients.

LHS Nanyuki is intelligently utilizing ICT to effect appropriate changes that will elevate the healthcare system to a much higher level, critical for the development of the healthcare service.

In 2020, we introduced a new network structure that not only allowed departments to have their own network module but also interconnected them to enable efficient flow of patients from one service point to another. said Banice Wanjiku, ICT officer. Overall internet and system coverage is around 70%, which has vastly improved inpatient and outpatient services at the outlet. she added.

The Health IT has streamlined the workflow at the outlet thus saving time. An electronic system has replaced manual work to ensure a fast and efficient healthcare delivery process. Medical devices from all sections of the outlet have been integrated to allow data transmission. This integration has made it possible for the workflow to run smoothly across all departments. For example, laboratory machines generate results directly, which are then transmitted to medical or clinical officers for review. Following the review, the prescription is sent to the pharmacy, and billing is done by the service provider. This has eased patient's journeys at the outlets by reducing long queues at the records, NHIF, cash, pharmacy, radiology, and laboratory offices.

The outlet has an electronic data management system in place to safeguard patients' medical histories, clinical findings, diagnostic test results, and medication. This system collects, stores and manages patient' medical data, which can only be accessed and retrieved by the healthcare providers who have been granted access to patients' medical records via logins. The availability of the internet has not only benefited patients but also the medical officers, who can undertake research and further their studies in the field of medicine.

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