Matanya Shopping Centre Transformation To Take 6 Months


Matanya shopping centre is set to undergo a significant facelift following the signing of a contract by the County Government of Laikipia and Wenwee Contractors Limited to undertake construction works.


The signing took place on May 31, 2022, and is funded by the infrastructure bond that the Senate recently voted to approve after Treasury Cabinet Secretary made a request to guarantee, amounting to Ksh.1.16 billion.


The aim of the deliberate move to transform Matanya shopping centre is to attract more investors in the area and consequently uplift the economic status of the locals.


Wenwee Contractors Limited has six months to actualize the project and uplift the standard of Matanya from a shopping centre to a smart town.


Some of the expected results after six months of construction work include: 0.88 Km of Asphalt paved roads around Matanya Shopping Centre, complete with storm water drains and structures, 83 vehicle parking slots, 1.38 Km of pedestrian cabro walkways, and an ablution block.


Other than the specialized workforce needed for the technicalities of actualizing the project, all the other workers will be sourced from within the Matanya area.


All the efforts are geared towards creating a business conducive environment that will attract more investors to set up their businesses, while others will get the need to expand the already existing ones.


The town that is well-planned in collaboration with the locals through several public engagements has put everything in its right location. Therefore, it will be among the cleanest towns in Laikipia County. Dust will be a thing of the past in Matanya CBD.


The well-constructed drainage system will facilitate the free flow of floods to keep the residents in a hygienic environment.


The land price is expected to shoot following the transformation. Many people will be interested in relocating to the new town, thus raising the demand for a place to settle.


The numerous business entities will create many job opportunities for the locals.

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