First Lady's Hongera Mama Kit. LHS Staff Credit Decency Pack To Fast Rising Facility Deliveries


Skilled deliveries are a monumental aspect of the well-being of mothers and their infants; they guarantee a healthier start for the baby, reducing avoidable delivery-associated complications with guaranteed timely interventions where need be. This is key in reducing childbirth mortalities.


It is for this reason that the government continues to invest in capacities to scale up access to skilled deliveries. This has seen the number of facilities offering maternity services rise fast in the recent past, with a notable rise in the number of mothers opting to deliver at health facilities.


But even with the multifaceted efforts to boost communities$#39;s embrace of skilled delivery, none of the efforts has seen the level of success Hongera Mama Kit has been able to achieve. A recent spot check on facilities spread across the county reveals that scores of mothers are attracted to the decency pack offered at the facilities following delivery.


Mama Kits are designed to help expectant mothers deliver with the basic provisions of skilled birth. The kit contains mother and baby care products to give the mother a hygienic start, such as slippers, towels, soaps, and basins among others.


The First Lady's initiative is responsible for driving a large number of facility deliveries in all corners of the county, with this trend most notable in communities neighboring the LHS outlets of Ng'arua, Ol Moran, Muramati, and Powys among others. In Ol Moran, for instance, Mama Kit has attracted a large number of conservative communities to professional maternal care before, during, and after delivery.


Healthcare providers running these facilities concur that these decency packs might seem small incentives, but they make a world of difference for mothers.


The decency Mama Kit brings can only be understood by mothers who are not guaranteed such in-home deliveries. The things we sometimes take for granted mean a lot to our clients.said one of the LHS nurses.


Laikipia has gone to great lengths in promoting professional maternal care, with consistency now paying off.


In Laikipia North, for instance, training for Traditional Birth Attendants and goats present to the same for every hospital delivery they facilitate has seen skilled hospital deliveries rise sharply, replacing the home deliveries that are unable to keep up with emerging trends.

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