Water And Natural Resources


Strategic Objectives of the Department


  • Promote production, storage and reticulation of water for production.
  • Promote manufacturing of machines and equipment used in domestic and industrial water systems and irrigation systems.
  • Formulation, implementation and monitoring of legislation, regulations and policies in the Water, Environment, Climate change & Natural Resources sector.
  • To regulate access and utilization of the natural resources and for equitable, all-year-round and sustainable supply to citizens and businesses.
  • Develop and promote investment programs to attract the private sector and public sector in the conservation and sustainable supply of these resources to citizens and businesses.
  • Co-partner with Water Resource Authority to regulate and enforce sustainable access and utilization of ecological resources in the County in compliance with County and National Laws and global conventions that Kenya is a party to.
  • Top promote and enforce behaviors and practices that limit and eliminate the threats of climate change.
  • To promote and enforce the development of the circular economy to reduce and eliminate pollutants.
  • To ensure water harvesting, efficient utilization of water, maintenance of water reservoirs and distribution/irrigation facilities on a cost and maintenance recovery tariff to users.
  • To promote wildlife conservation practices and rangelands through the facilitation of easements of migratory corridors in partnership with landowners.
  • Minimize human-wildlife conflict by partnering with relevant stakeholders.
  • To incentivize landowners to invest in agroforestry and wildlife conservation.
  • To facilitate private sector investment in waste management and recycling.
  • To facilitate private sector investment in development, distribution, operations and maintenance of water pans/dams.
  • To improve livelihoods through sustainable use, conservation and management of forests and trees.
  • To enhance access to clean and potable water for both industrial and home consumption.
  • Improve management of water supply services, water harvesting, storage and protection of water catchments.
  • Implement the national climate change response strategy.
  • Improve forest extension service to enable farmers and other forest stakeholders to benefit from forest better management approaches and technologies and encourage the establishment of on-farm forests/tree nurseries.
  • Development of conservation policies and regulations and enforcement of existing policies.
  • Creation and management of County Conservation areas and spaces.
  • Promote manufacture of machines, equipment and tools used in mining, forestry and wildlife conservation.
  • Development of access and benefit-sharing legal and regulatory framework for County biological, Genetic and geological resources.
  • Enhance exploitation of natural resources in the County for social-economic benefits.
  • Develop intercounty protocol/management agreements on the management of shared water, environmental and natural resources. Not excluding the provision of other services like sanitation, water supply and waste management.
  • Promotion of bio enterprises and
  • Promote a green economy.




Water services


  • Promote water provision for production and ensuring an adequate supply of water to the industry especially manufacturing.
  • Promote manufacture of tools, equipment, machines, and appliances used in water production, distribution, reticulation and management.
  • Promotion of rainwater harvesting, water storage and environmental conservation in the ASALs and wastelands.
  • Formulate policies that protect and promote water resources, forest conservation, wildlife management, and climate change adaptations and mitigation.
  • County public works and services specific to stormwater management systems in built-up areas.
  • Water and sanitation services including rural water services, provision of water and sanitation services in small and medium towns without formal service providers, water harvesting (specific to counties), urban water and sanitation services with formal service provision including water, sanitation and sewerage companies.
  • Wastewater treatment and disposal policy management, conservation and protection of national wildlife, meteorological management, and water catchment area conservation, control and protection.
  • Developing and implementing a county water Master Plan.
  • Water quality testing and surveillance to ensure compliance with drinking water standards.
  • Assign Water Service and sanitation Provision Areas to County Water service providers (WASCOs) as required by industry regulator and
  • Provide oversight to County Water and Sanitation companies Nanyuki Water and Sewerage Company (NAWASCO) and Nyahururu Water and Sanitation Company (NYAHUWASCO).


Environment & Wildlife Conservation


  • Promote manufacture of tools equipment, machines and appliances used in wildlife management, solid waste management, water catchment conservation, control of air pollution and in cemeteries and crematorium.
  • Resources utilization control.
  • Wildlife conservation policy management.
  • Wastewater treatment and disposal.
  • Solid waste management and disposal.
  • Enforcement of waste management policies, standards and regulations in particular:
    • Refuse removal ( garbage) including the provision of waste collection bins, segregation of waste at source.
    • Licensing of waste transportation.
    • Refuse dumps including zoning waste operational areas, conducting environmental impact assessment for the siting of dumps, fencing of dumps, controlling of fires, monitoring waste characteristics and monitoring of waste water from the dumpsite(leachate) and
    • Solid waste disposal including enforcement of national waste management policies, standards and laws with respect to landfilling, incineration with energy recovery, compositing, recycling and operation of transfer stations.
  • Control of air pollution, noise pollution and other forms of public nuisance including:
    • Control of noise pollution and other public nuisances.
    • Licensing for persons exceeding the permissible noise levels and
    • Noise mapping and action plan development
  • Water catchment conservation, control and protection
  • Soil conservation
  • County parks, beaches and recreation facilities management.
  • Management of cemeteries
  • Management of wetlands
  • Management and eradication of invasive species within the County and
  • Mapping all biological and genetic resources in the County.


Mining and natural resources


  • Promote the manufacture of tools, equipment and machines for the mining sector
  • Control and Regulation of mineral sites
  • Ensuring County Artisanal Mining Committes are functional and artisanal miners are accessing the services they need to fully exploit mining potential in their areas.
  • Ensure that communities benefit from Community Development Agreements.
  • Ensure that the County benefits from mining Royalties
  • Eploitation of mineral sites.
  • Ensure access to benefit sharing of genetic materials under the Biological and Diversity article 8J
  • Promote mining investment
  • Licensing of mining blocs
  • Implementation of national government policies on natural resources and environmental conservation and
  • Soil and water conservation:
    • Implementation of County specific water conservation and forestry policies through water resource users
    • Water pollution control
    • Borehole site identification, drilling and development and
    • Forestry including farm forests extension services, forests and game reserves formerly managed by local authorities excluding forests management by Kenya Forest Services (KFS), national water towers and private forests.
    • Mapping geological exploration, exploitation of economically viable minerals
    • Aggregating and profiling artisanal miners.

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