A Huge Relief For Cancer Patients In Laikipia, As Cancer Treatment Becomes More And More Holistic


Cancer patients in Laikipia County can now breathe a sigh of relief as the Nanyuki Teaching and Referral Hospital(NTRH) has a clinical oncology specialist.


The specialist's arrival comes two years after the launch of the cancer care clinic at the facility. Patients will now have access to oncologist services, a strategic step toward combating the disease in our county.


Dr. Juliet Maina, a clinical oncologist, joins a growing team of dedicated specialists in the county.


Dr. Juliet previously worked as a medical officer at NTRH but left to pursue further studies at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. She is now back, expertly trained and with diverse skills in provision of cancer care services.


Dr. Juliet specializes in cancer screening and non-surgical cancer treatments like radiotherapy and systemic therapies such as chemotherapy, which inhibit cancer cell multiplication.


Her role will entail making diagnosis, discussing treatment options with patients, organizing and supervising the treatment process, and monitoring patients' post-treatment progress.


Many people seeking cancer care services face significant barriers, such as misinformation and limited facilities to diagnose and treat cancer. These barriers result in late presentation, misdiagnosos, stigma and fear.


Breast and cervical cancer are the most prevalent types of cancer in the country as well as in our county. Both are preventable and treatable if detected early.Dr. Juliet observed.


We must be proactive in raising awareness in order to reduce the stigma associated with cancer diagnosis as a way of encouraging more people to participate in regular cancer screenings.she added.


Accordung to the National Cancer Control Strategy 2018-2021, cancer is the third-leading cause of death in Kenya, posing unique challenges to existing health infrastructure. The decentralization of specialized cancer care has been rolled out as a critical approach to the attainment of universal access to cance management in the country. The National Guideline for the Establishment of Cancer Management Centers provides the requisite policy guidance towards achieving accessible, efficient, timely, and high-quality cancer management services for all.


NTRH is in the process of implementing policy requirements. particularly by investing in infrastructural capacity to ensure full functioning of the cancer clinic. Plans are underwat to establish a chemotherapy unit at the clinic by the beginning of next year.


In terms of human resources, the oncologist will work alongside her colleagues, Nancy Gathoni, clinical officer; Mr. Douglas Sagin, oncology nurse, and Jane Matimu, palliative care nurse.


This augment's Laikipia County's leadership commitment to quality, affordable healthcare service.

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