World Food Day, Laikipia


The Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries DALF, in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO), organized a farmer's Field Day in Umande, Laikipia East in commemoration of World Food Day this year.


World Food Day is marked annually on 16th October, and this year's theme is Leave no one behind. This is an effort of ensuring better production, better nutrition, a better environment, and a better life.


Over 30 exhibitors showcased different farm technologies, farm inputs, and value addition of various products. Over 700 farmers were intensively trained by the experts on Climate Smart Agriculture practices and technologies.


On crops, the farmers were taught about the quality and highly adaptive seeds that are favorable in Laikipia East. The Kenya Seed Company came in handy to help the farmers get a better understanding of the seeds to use.


In animal husbandry and livestock production, the extension officers educated farmers on the best breeds for milk and beef production. The farmers also had a chance to understand how to prepare quality and affordable feeds which are readily available, and the methods of handling milk and increasing production at the farm level.


On livestock diseases, the veterinary section officers enlightened the farmers on the preventive measures and treatment to be administered.


farmers were also encouraged to conserve water and embrace ways to sustainably practice fish farming and aquaculture to boost nutrition and improve livelihoods.


Farmers were encouraged to adopt various technologies and to plant highly adaptive high-yielding seeds which are productive in their respective areas to minimize low harvests.


DALF has always adopted farmers' field days and on-farm demonstrations as best models of capacity building our farmers - enhancing extension services as they help reach many farmers at a go and encourage peer learning.

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