Advice To Farmers On The Coming March May 2023 Long Rain Season.

Informed planning ensures that farmers are well prepared for the occurrences of any season to avoid unnecessary surprises.
The Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries and other relevant Key stakeholders has put efforts geared towards mitigating the effects of climate change through timely dissemination of the weather outlook and to promote the integration of climate-resilient livelihoods to ensure food and nutrition security.
The Kenya Meteorological department through the County Director Mr. David Njiru has released the downscaled weather outlook for March-April-May (MAM) 2023 rainfall season in Laikipia. Going by the Forecasted Scenarios, the probability of Above Normal rainfall -20%, Normal rainfall- 30% while Below Normal rainfall- 50%. The Seasonal rainfall is therefore likely to be Below Normal compared to the MAM LTM.
According to the report Laikipia is among the Counties expected to receive light to moderate rainfall over a few areas over the weekend. This rainfall is expected to increase in intensity and spread to several places from Monday. This will mark the onset of the MAM long rain season.
The rainfall onset in Western Laikipia is set to begin from the 3rd to 4th week of March and continue to the month of June with fair to poor distribution. On the other hand in Eastern Laikipia, the rainfall is expected in the 4th week of March to the 1st week of April and will continue to the 3rd and 4th week of May with fair to poor distribution.
Farmers are therefore advised to do early land preparation, plant drought resistant and early-maturing crops, fodder and pasture to take advantage of the depressed rains. Use of farming systems that are adaptable to the depressed rainfall such as conservation agriculture are also encouraged.
The weather advisories are expected to be disseminated to the last-mile/end users by the extension officers in the department through public barazas, Bulk SMS, Social media and through staff from our key stakeholders.

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