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What is a feedlot?

Feedlot is an agriculturally based operation in which animals are cared for and/or raised in confinement. Cattle raised on feedlots typically feed, defecate, urinate, and sleep in one small area. Cattle raised on feedlots have food delivered to them and are not usually allowed to graze on grass pastures, fields, or rangelands.

The biggest advantage in feedlots is they are the most economical way to raise a large number of cattle for beef production
Animals housed on feedlots are fed mostly corn and/or corn products which means they are raised on less land which cuts costs

In a forum organized by Amaya Initiative through the office of the Laikipia county Governor Department of Agriculture, livestock and fisheries ,meeting the key stakeholders in the industry to discuss how best they can achieve this.among the stakeholders was VC Laikipia University.

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