Cooperatives Sector Achievements

  • Two leaders meeting for Ushirika Day and contract farming held

  • Carried out a door to door awareness programme for Cooperative fund

  • One leaders meeting for FCB foundation

  • One compiled statistical data report on the cooperatives societies

  • 14 pre-cooperatives held

  • 8 Co-operative Societies registered

  • 10 inspection and investigation conducted report presented to the management

  • 5 AGMs conducted

  • 53 Societies filled the wealth declaration forms and indemnity

  • Follow up made on 2 dairy co-operative societies on the status of the milk coolers i.e winyitie FCS Ltd and Nyambogichi FCS Ltd

  • Funding of 3 co-operative societies for sorghum farming

  • 17 co-operative mobilized

  • Two staff meeting held

  • Carried out capacity building in cooperative in the three sub-counties and empowered the cooperative leaders on funds usage and applications

  • Carried out a door to door awareness programme for Cooperative fund

  • Promoted Laikipia innovators, fabricators and manufacturers

  News & Events

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  2. Laikipia in Joint Efforts other Counties, Private Sector to Control Desert LocustsJan 15, 2020 - Laikipia and the neighbouring counties upped…

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