Laikipia Introduces Phone App In Covid 19 Screening


Laikipia looks for better methods of capturing data on those who enter the county through various boarder points after shifting from manual to digital data collection.
The mobile phone application Coronavirus Track APP has replaced the tiresome use of pen and paper for passenger manifest at every entry to the county, a pioneer action from Laikipia.
Laikipia was the first in the 47 counties to start screening for the basic Covid-19 symptoms - temperature taking. Others have since followed suit to ensure no importation of the deadly virus into their counties.
With the Coronavirus Track APP, that other counties are encouraged to embrace as well, contact tracing is eased in case need arises to do so. It has also reduced on the time taken to capture the name, phone number, car one is using and the temperature of an individual. This has greatly saved on time taken for a person to reach their destination.
In addition to what was previously captured manually, the App has come up with a position of indicating individuals next of kin, further making tracking more effective. Use of this mobile application began on mid-June and has been productive with users applauding the county Health Department and directorate of ICT for making their work easier and increasing efficiency. So far there have been more than 1,300,000 screens since the program started in mid-March.

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