Education , Sports , Youth & Social Services


Strategic Objectives of the Department


  • Promote production and manufacturing of tools, equipment and machines for use in this sector
  • Ensure output of manufacturing skills in the Vocational Training Colleges and Centres
  • Promote the nurturing of a production and manufacturing culture
  • Formulation, implementation and monitoring of legislation, regulations and policies in the Education & Industrialization sector.
  • To provide productivity-enhancing life and technical skills to children and adults.
  • To provide technical and industrialization skills and common user platforms to businesses
  • To build the capability of manufacturing businesses and hand-hold them in dealing with regulators and public agencies at the County and National Governments
  • To promote business innovations in the County and position Laikipia as a leader in productivity/manufacturing innovations
  • To generate and champion the adoption of manufacturing-enabling policies, laws, regulations and practices
  • Increase high-quality educational options and opportunities and empower students and parents to choose an education that meets their needs
  • Support educational institutions, students, parents and communities to increase access and completion of college, lifelong learning and career, technical and adult education
  • Establish, manage and maintain an effective and high-end library service.




The core functions of this department include the following:


Education and library services


  1. Ensuring that the economy has adequate manufacturing skills
  2. Promoting a production culture
  3. Management of Technical Training Institutes including Youth Polytechnics
  4. Management of Institutes of Science and Technology
  5. Management of Vocational technical colleges and Polytechnics
  6. Education Policy Management
  7. Administration of Early Childhood Education, Standards and Norms
  8. Management of technical Education Standardss
  9. Quality Assurance in Education
  10. Teacher Education and Management
  11. School Administration and Programs
  12. Registration of Pre-primary education and training Institutions
  13. Special Needs Education management and
  14. Management of County library services and museums


Vocational Training Institutes


  1. Provide leadership in the management, development and implementation of County Youth Polytechnics
  2. Review and develop policies, strategies and guidelines for the development of County Youth Polytechnics
  3. Mobilize resources for Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) projects and programmes
  4. Develop partnerships with various stakeholders to improve status and management of Technical and Vocational Training Centers and link the stakeholders to the Ministry
  5. Promote technical vocational training as an alternative skills process
  6. Supervise and coordinate promotion and implementation of County Youth polytechnic projects, policies and programmes
  7. Enhance, improve and upgrade certification of technical vocational training centers in the County
  8. Provide technical and co-ordination support to the stakeholders and partners in mainstreaming the County Youth Polytechnics guidelines for County government and
  9. Prepare training needs assessment and planning


Gender, culture and Social Services


  1. Formulates and reviews policies and guidelines for gender mainstreaming
  2. Advises and gives technical support on gender and social development issues
  3. Sensitizes and builds capacity for women and vulnerable groups
  4. Facilitates equal opportunities for special needs groups in education, employment, decision-making, representation and business
  5. Designs and implements children participation programs
  6. Builds capacity on child rights, welfare, advisory and referral of individuals and groups to relevant service providers
  7. Guides community development and supervises programs and institutions for childrens care and development and
  8. Facilitates access to Government Procurement Opportunities (PWDs and Women)
  9. Promotion and development of all aspects of performing arts, music acrobatics dances, racing, traditional games through capacity building
  10. Promotion of languages and traditional practices harmonious with county development aspirations
  11. Promotion and development of visual arts/literary artist and their creative works through capacity building exhibitions, culture exchange programs and other promotion strategies
  12. Promotion and development of traditional medicine, indigenous foods preservation and conservation of environment in line with County development aspirations
  13. Promotion of culture education documentation and dissemination of cultural information and research findings
  14. Development and construction of cultural centers
  15. Establishment of libraries and museums


Youth and sports


  1. Promote manufacturing of sports equipment
  2. Formulates, implements, coordinates, reviews and monitors youth and Sport development policies and initiatives
  3. Evaluate all aspects of sports in the County
  4. Sports talent development
  5. Sports facility development and management
  6. Mobilizes and facilitates County citizens to participate in sport
  7. Promotion and development of all aspects of performing arts, music, acrobatics, dances, racing, traditional games through capacity building
  8. Develops youth empowerment centers
  9. Facilitates leadership/mentorship, entrepreneurship and life skills in training and
  10. Facilitates Youth Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (YAGPO)

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