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The County have successfully leased specialized equipment

10/9/2019 : We have successfully leased specialized equipment to Fastrack water and infrastructure development. This will certainly…

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Leasing Road Construction Equipment To Improve Quality of Life

Laikipia County has chalked the single biggest transaction yet involving the leasing of road construction equipment. The Shs180 million…

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Free Surgical Medical Camp For Laikipia Residents

In a bid to improve access to quality healthcare for residents of Laikipia county, the county government of Laikipia through the department…

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Annual Development Plan

The Annual Development Plan for the FY 2020/2021 has been completed. This is after a vigorous public participation process of over 60…

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Muhotetu Cereal warehouse

The roofing of Muhotetu cereal warehouse is ongoing. This is one of the three maize warehouses being constructed the others two are in…

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Muthengera Borehole

Muthengera Borehole, Igwamiti Ward, Laikipia West. Solar Water pump and storage. Another promise fulfilled by County Government of Laikipia…

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Laikipia With The Best Quality Of Life

Laikipia County has the highest LIFE EXPECTANCY at 72 YEARS and the second county with the LOWEST INFANT MORTALITY rate thanks to a high…

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In an update post last evening related to the press briefing on the release of our Financial Statements for the Financial Year (FY)…

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Solio water community water project

6/9/2019: Solio water community water project funded by @ wstf_ke and @ LaikipiaCountyG is progressing well. Main pipeline work started,…

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Laikipia County 2018/2019 Financial Report

We have released our financial statements for the 2018/2019 financial year and the first quarter of the 2019/2020. Section 164 of the…

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Nyahuwasco Board Sends MD on Compulsory Leave to Facilitate…

Nyahururu, 4th September, 2019.The Board of directors of Nyahururu Water and Sanitation Company (NYAHUWASCO) has this afternoon resolved…

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US ambassador Kyle McCarter officially opened the new mill in Laikipia County.Laikipia Rural Millers will value add maize in Laikipia…

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