Permits And Licenses


Business permits and licenses can be applied both manually and online

Apply in Manually
1. Start by visiting the county ward office to make your application to renew business permit.
2. Here you will be give an application form Form BR1 by the ward licensing officer to fill and submit.
3. You should fill the required information and attach the documents to the application form.
These include :-
(a). Previous (expired) business permit.
(b). Business name
(c). Physical address.
(d). Business identification number,
(e). Copy of certificate of incorporation,
(f). National ID/Asylum Pass/ Passport No/ Alien ID
4. After submission the ward licensing officer will visit your business premises within a day to carry out inspections.
5. The information obtained by the inspection visit will determine the fees to charge for the renewal of the permit. The BR-1 form is then stamped and you will be referred to the main county licensing office. E.g. City Hall for businesses in Nairobi.
6. At the main licensing office, the form is approved and the data entered in the single business permits database.
7. This is followed by the generation of an invoice bill and payment is made to the cash office. The permit fees vary depending on the size of business. Application fee Kshs. 200 Permit fees e.g.(i). Large trader (21-50 employees) Kshs. 20,000(ii). Medium Trader (5-20 employees) Kshs. 10,0008. After making the payments, the business permit is signed and you will be advised to collect it from the dispatch office on the same day. 9. Once you have acquired the permit, display it on your business premises as the law requiresbr
Apply Online
1. Visit E-citizen to make the online application.
2.Scroll down to the County Services section and select the county which applies to your case e.g Laikipia county Government.
3 Make Online Application

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