Roads ,Public Works ,Lands & Energy


Strategic Objectives of the Department


  • Promote production and manufacturing of systems, tools, machines, and equipment for roads, public works, infrastructure and energy.
  • Formulation,implementation and monitoring of legislation, regulations and policies in the transport & public works sector.
  • Provide public infrastructure buildings designs and construction supervision services to County Departments
  • To enforce public works and buildings safety and health standards in compliance with County and National law.
  • To promote innovative, environmentally friendly, durable and cost-effective construction technologies, materials and knowledge (practices) in the County.
  • To provide and promote public lighting initiatives in partnership with property owners and businesses and National Government MDAs.
  • To create and manage County works development and maintenance units comprising movable assets and staff to undertake regular and emergency works.
  • To maintain County roads, pavements, parks and buildings.
  • To facilitate the development of construction professionals and businesses practicing in the County.
  • Establish roads user regulations and standards to enforce the safety of the users and durability of the infrastructure and
  • Promote and provide public spaces lighting to extend the working and business hours and enhance the security of the properties and customers.




Roads and public works


  1. Promote production and manufacturing of systems, tools, machines and equipment for roads, public works, infrastructure and energy.
  2. Providing quality mechanical transport and plants services to enhance development and maintenance of roads and other related infrastructural works
  3. Construct, maintain and manage county roads networks
  4. Design, develop and maintain infrastructure through quality public works services to all County Government entities and the general public.
  5. Develop, rehabilitate and maintain services specific to stormwater management systems in built-up areas.
  6. Develop and maintain technical and quality audit for infrastructure, building and other related public works in the County.
  7. To maintain and rehabilitate the existing roads to motorable state and improve their quality assurance throughout the year.
  8. To upgrade and expand the road network
  9. Provide Street lighting and parking areas
  10. Public road transport on licensing of public service vehicle operations.
  11. Regulate parking within the County and
  12. Construction of both motorable and footbridges bridges
  13. Controlling reserves for County roads and access to roadside development and
  14. Control of axle loads on County roads.
  15. Implementing road policies concerning County roads.
  16. Ensuring that the quality of County road works is per nationally set standards
  17. Collect and collate all such data related to the use of County roads as may be necessary for efficient planning
  18. Monitoring and evaluating the use of County roads and
  19. Liaising and coordinating with other authorities in planning and operations concerning County roads.

Physical Planning, Energy and Urban Development


  1. Promote production and manufacturing of systems, tools, machines and equipment for roads, public works, infrastructure and energy
  2. Provide services to other departments in design, documentation and project implementation
  3. Facilitate adequate provision of cost-effective infrastructure, including government buildings and other public works
  4. Electricity & gas reticulation and energy regulation
  5. Identification of renewable energy sites for development
  6. Fuel Energy Exploration and Exploitation
  7. Provide and enabling framework for the efficient and sustainable production, distribution and marketing of alternative sources of energy
  8. Promote the use of municipal waste for energy production
  9. Promote the development of appropriate local capacity for the manufacture, installation, maintenance and operation of essential renewable technologies such as bio-digesters solar systems and hydro turbines.
  10. Promote international co-operation on programmes focusing on renewable energy sources
  11. Harness opportunities offered mechanisms to promote the development and exploitation of renewable energy sources
  12. Promote the utilization of renewable energy sources for either power generation or transportation.
  13. Provide coordinated policy implementation, enforcement and capacity building through integrated programs for sustainable management and utilization of natural resources for the County's development
  14. Designing rural electrification programme
  15. Control of outdoor advertising activities (Solar/ Green Energy)
  16. Finalization of surveying of administrative boundaries within the counties
  17. Determination of property boundaries
  18. Solving of property boundary disputes
  19. Showing of property boundaries
  20. Ensuring fencing and development of properties
  21. Land survey and mapping
  22. Housing and
  23. Street light installation & services


Located near NAWASCO(Nanyuki Water and Sewerage Company),
Few meters from the Nanyuki Police Station,
P.O Box 1271-10400,
Laikipia County,
Nanyuki Town, Kenya.

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