Social Services Performance Overview



  • Facilitated sports clubs to attend competitions within and without the county which include;

    • cyclists

    • darts

    • athletics

    • soccer

    • volleyball

    • cricket

    • rugby

    • handball

    • tug of war

    • deaf soccer club

    • karate

  • Renovated Nanyuki and Nyahururu stadia in collaboration with Batuk

  • Trained referees and coaches who include;

    • basket ball referees

    • football referees and coaches

    • volley ball referees

  • Facilitated clubs with sports uniform

  • Held youths sports competitions (KISYA)

  • KICOSCA games organized to help motivate the employees

Culture, Art and Youths

  • Facilitated artists during music extraganzas and competitions

  • Giving a platform to performing artists to showcase their talents e.g. during cultural festivals, national cerebrations

  • Assisting youths and women with talents to form groups and to register,

  • Sensitized these groups on the various funds that have been provided by the government of which they can apply and help themselves to raise their economic status.

  • Sensitized the youth, women and pwds groups on how to qualify to do business with the county and national government and encouraging them to apply for tenders.

  • Connect the performing artists with firms, institutions for entertainment for economic gains.

  • Sensitized and encouraged the visual artists to go online to do e-business to their artworks ( bead work, basketry, weaving, carvings)


  • Admission of children

  • Enrollment of children to schools

  • Birth registration

  • Provision of medical services to children

  • Partnership with stakeholders to improve service delivery

  • Re-integration of children

Social Services

  • Empowerment of women

  • Bench marking on table banking

  • Capacity building of officers (CDAs) on table banking so that they could do the same to women groups

  • Assessing and fitting of assertive devices for PWDs

  • Mobilization of women groups to access enterprise fund

  • Monitoring and evaluation of the funded group

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