Why Laikipia Insists On Data In Making Decisions

A popular phrase goes numbers dont lie. This is what motivates the county govern-ment of Laikipia to always ensure use of accurate data in any decision making.
The government usually bases its decisions from professionally collected data derived from across the county to knowhow to set priorities and budget, based on the Laikipia County Statistical Abstracts.
You require accurate data in order to make informed policy choices. Whether it is about industrialization, universal healthcare or improving agricultural productivity, you need data, insists Governor Ndiritu Muriithi, adding that the Statistical Abstract is a key data unit and a central pillar of the countys planning process.
The third statistical Abstract is soon to be released which guide will decision making going forward in the year 2020 and part of next year. Laikipia was the first county to publish statistical abstract on August 2018 and has so far been consistent.
The data collection is done each year by the Planning directorate in collaboration with the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) which for quality assurance.
The data contributes to our ongoing endeavor to consistently use verifiable evidence to make in-formed decisions. The statistical abstract provides the Government, the private and non-profit sector a deeper understanding of the Laikipia economy, as well as socio-economic progress of the people, says the Governor.
The abstract, according to Deputy Governor John Mwaniki, is helpful to all people in different sectors.
The data is useful not only to investors but to every resident of this county as its a key tool in decision making and planning. Its also useful for public servants in service delivery, he said.

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