Change Before You Are Changed

There has been little in terms of behavior change despite Covid-19 positive cases rising sharply in Laikipia County over the last few weeks.
Although the government has tightened measures to curb the spread of the dis-ease, many people have not been wearing masks properly while in public places which may fan the spread of the virus.
All citizens are urged to observe Health directives on keeping safe from corona-virus 2019 which include proper wearing of face masks, avoiding crowded places and maintaining both social and physical distances.
As Covid-19 cases continue to rise in the country and in our county, people have been seen to cast an accusing figure to the victims and their families, which is offensive.
Some are going to the extreme of victimizing even those who have recovered from the virus attack.
According to Health Chief Officer Dr. Donald Mogoi, the covid-19 patients, their contact people, families of deceased due to Coronavirus, and the recoveries should be handled with tenderness and love as they have committed no crime.
It is not a crime to contract Covid-19 and thus we should all accept the victims and the ones who have fought the virus. We should also not segregate the families who have lost their loved ones to the pandemic, said Dr. Mogoi, adding that people should ensure good care to those with the virus while at the same time protecting themselves not to contract the same.

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