Kinamba Water Project Kicks Off

The long-awaited Kinamba water project in Githiga Ward has finally started. Contractors are on site giving hope to residents who have endured decades of biting water shortages.
The handing over of the project to contractors took place on mid-July 2020, paving the way for the drilling of the first three boreholes that will supply water to Kinamba town and its environs. Subsequent ones will then follow to ensure reliable year round availability of water in the rather dry area. The project, which will serve more than 9,000 people within the Kinamba environs, will see contractors avail ground water through drilling of boreholes. The waters will then be merged in a focal point through a network of pipelines for ease of distribution.
Some of the facilities that will benefit from this source of water include schools, hospitals and a police station. Residents of Kinamba Township and its surroundings will be the direct beneficiaries of this noble project.
Availability of clean water for production in this area will transform its economy with improved agricultural practices and yields, and enough water for livestock.
The project is set to greatly improve public hygiene, as the availability of clean water will in a big way reduce occurrences of hygienerelated illnesses and water-borne diseases. New developments have begun tak-ing shape as many investors who previous-ly shied away due for lack of water, troop back to exploit the new opportunities. Major industries are coming up soon and create a wide range of economic activities .
The project has been funded by World Bank in partnership with the national government through the Kenya Devolution
Support Programme (KDSP) following Laikipia Countys exemplary performance in project implementation in previous allocations. A whopping Kshs. 60 million has been directed in the Kinamba Water project through the programme that is set to change fortunes for thousands of residents in this part of Laikipia West.
Other projects funded through KDSP in the county include Makurian water project in Laikipia North and Smart Towns in Rumuruti ward.

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