County, Amaya Triangle Initiative Give Food And Beddings To Families


The county government supported families from Kisii Ndogo/Keroka and Ngare Narok Kwa Mzee Senge Nyeusi whose houses were torched by the bandits, with essential items. The displaced families from Merigwet, Kasarani, Ngare Narok, Mutamayu, Kahuho, Miharati, Mutaro, and Survey also found refuge at Ol Moran Vocational Training Center, St. Mark Catholic Church and Deliverance church.


County and national governments are working together to restore peace and co-existence in the Ol Moran division.


Governor Ndiritu Muriithi held a peace meeting with locals and elected leaders to address the insecurity issues.


The Governor also set time to visit families from Keroka/ Kisii Ndogo, a family of Gitumbo who was killed by the bandits where they supported the family with burial expenses: coffin, hearse transport, and cemetery.

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