It Is Time For A Rumuruti Hospital Upgrade


This Friday, in his second visit to Rumuruti Sub County Hospital since inauguration, H.E. Governor Joshua Irungu inspected and directed the #RestoreLaikipiaHealthcare projects and programs at the hospital.


The governor was happy to meet one of the reinstated doctors back at her workplace reviewing patients.


Within 100 days of his administration, the following projects and programs supporting service delivery will be completed at Rumuruti SCH:


  1. Completion of outpatient block expansion
  2. Completion of theatre
  3. Completion of the X-ray block
  4. Completion of the male ward(with partial partner support)
  5. Upgrading of the sanitation system(works have already begun)
  6. Updating of the master plan to include the future Multi-Specialty, super-specialty hospital and allocation of more space for KMTC Rumuruti Campus in line with the Governor' Manifesto(The Laikipia Plan).
  7. Restoration of the financial independence so that the hospital pharmacy, laboratory, and daily maintenance services can function, and facilitate the hospital's growth from the current annual turnover of 12 million to over 25 million in the next year. This new revenue will be mostly from insurance payments.


More investments following the same prioritization pattern will continue in the long term.


Each hospital will have financial autonomy to purchase medicines and essential health supplies within this month of October. These gains will be anchored in law (an Act of the County Assembly) before the end of this financial year to eliminated discretion and uncertainties of the past in the allocation of budgetary resources that negatively affected service deliver. This way hospital revenues will always be ring-fenced for the purpose for which it was collected - to improve patient care and keep hospital facilities in good state.

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