Formulation Of Laikipia Cooperative Bill 2022


The Directorate of Cooperatives Development has concluded a two-day workshop for draft formulation of Laikipia County Cooperative Bill 2022.


The Cooperative Bill 2022 will provide legislative guidelines to implement and enforce policy issues that affect Cooperatives in the county. Some of the policies issues highlighted include; Leadership, Structure, Membership, Value addition, Climate change, Capacity building, and Tangible benefits to members.


Cooperatives have been integral in Kenya's economic growth providing livelihood to 63% of the population according to the State Department of Cooperatives. In Laikipia, Cooperatives support 76,000 households with an asset base of Ksh.6.64 billion with a total turnover of Ksh 1.73 billion in 2021


The Cooperative Bill 2022 seeks to develop an explicit legal framework to support and promote the Cooperative movement in the County.


The Cooperative Bill 2022 will be drafted and formulated jointly between the Directorate of Cooperatives Development and Laikipia County Cooperative Societies Forum (LACCOSOF) supported by Non-Governmental Organizations, Global Communities.

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