Ewaso Nyiro North Development Authority (ENNDA) to implement t projects in partnership with County Goverment of Laikipia

Ewaso Nyiro North Development Authority (ENNDA) to implement the following projects in partnership with County Goverment of Laikipia:
1) A bamboo products factory at Wiyumiririe
2) Water dams in various parts of Laikipia
3) Water and irrigation development equipment hire from the Authority.
4) Heavy bricks and hydrofoam factory
5 Feedlots and support to the Amaya Intiative.

Launch of the Laikipia County ECDE feeding Program

This afternoon, (18th may 2018) Laikipia County’s First Lady, HE Maria Mbeneka joined the pupils and parents of DEB Rumuruti/ECDE to launch the Laikipia County ECDE feeding program.
The program has been rolled out across the county as a pilot project targeting the most vulnerable pupils.
This program is aimed at improving the health of the young learners as well mitigate stunted growth among these children.


A courtesy call by Director of Public Prosecution

Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji paid a courtesy call on HE Governor Ndiritu Muriithi in his Nanyuki office.
They emphasized the need to build synergy between the two institutions to enhance the rule of law.
The two offices will collaborate to fight social vices such as corruption and also in building the capacity of investigation officers and prosecutors to enhance the justice system. The
Governor was optimistic that investigations into fictitious pending bills claims would be expenditious.Mr Haji said there’s need to find appropriate laws to prosecute individuals who invade private property in Laikipia.

The commemorative Northern White Rhino stamp

The commemorative Northern White Rhino stamp has officially been launched today (10th May 2018) at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy.Among those in attendance at the launch were The Post Master General Mr Dan Kagwe, Laikipia Governor Hon. Ndiritu Mureithi, the Chief Guest Dr. Patrick Omondi who delivered the speech on behalf of Tourism CS Najib Balala, Kenya Wildlife Service Director General Mr. Julius Kimani and the Ol Pejeta Conservancy CEO Mr. Richard Vigne. Only 2 White Rhinos remain on the planet, #Najin and #Fatu, at Ol Pejeta Conservancy both female,after the death of the only remaining male White Rhino #Sudan recently.
#RememberingSudan #Stamp4Sudan #KumbukaSudanNaPosta

Food Processing Plant in Laikipia

Kenya’s agribusiness firm Goldenscape Group is set to break ground on its Sh150 million a food processing plant in Laikipia County.
The plant is looking at processing of tomatoes, vegetables and onions.
The plant is expected to employ over 300 people.
“The plant will be under Goldenscape Industries, we are currently waiting on NEMA approval to construct the plant, we are already in the process of shipping Machinery,” Wangai said.
Wangai says the processing plant will also be linking farmers directly to consumers removing the middle man who is taking advantage of the farmers.
The firm’s Chief Executive Peter Wangai says the plant is aimed at reducing food wastage in the county and increase farmers’ productivity.

Agribusiness firm breaks ground on Sh150m food processing plant in Laikipia

Public Service Reforms

A dedicated, visionary, committed and professional public service is key to rapid progress of any society. Today, His Excellency Governor Ndiritu Muriithi held general staff meetings in Nanyuki and Nyahururu mainly to craft better ways of managing and motivating the county employees.
The roadmap looks like this:
1.      Introduction of bi-annual staff performance appraisals
2.      Requirement for staff to be in their actual stations
3.      Regular departmental and inter-departmental meetings
4.      Right staff placement and clear career paths
5.      Staff issued with staff ID/Badges
6.      Uniforms to be provided to enforcement units, drivers and others who require it
7.      Quarterly staff meetings to review progress
8.      Establishment of service centres and customer service at ward level
9.      Training of staff
10. Job enrichment
11. Spot performance awards
12. Public service code
This way we will build people-oriented, professional and proud service. A staff member can choose to be a high performer, in a high performing team, building a great Laikipia.
Major changes are expected with the process of recruiting new chair and vice chair persons of the public service board will start next week following the resignation of the previous office holders.

Lakipia County Staff Appraisal

H.E ndiritu Muriithi met the county staff today Key issues were:

a. Issuance of Staff Name tags. Going forward the Governor promised the County Public Service will do right placements, the meetings will be quarterly, ward offices must be service centers.

b. There will be customer service training for those who engage daily with clients, job enrichment, and spot performance award for the last quarter.

c. IFMIS, inspect with speed to fast track. Processes must be completed by Wednesday.
d. Ensuring documentation, the DG will lead the payment process. 350 m PENDING (genuine) with attached documents.

e. Contractors should not be chased procurement staff from corridor to corridor, ease the process by rendering timely service.

Renovation of Nyahururu stage terminal

HE Governor Ndiritu Muriithi visited Nyahururu stage terminal which was under renovation,they agreed with stakeholders that fire breaks,emergency exit routes be created and those building their kiosks over drainage systems to be relocated to improve drainage.To give the stage a new look,market stalls will have standard design,size and improve the street lighting .