NHIF / Kilimo Faida Registration drive ( 9th February 2018)

On February 9th 2018,  H.E Governor Ndiritu Muriithi officially opened a borehole at Nanyuki boys High School. His government aims to ensure that they can provide clean water for every Laikipian.  The Governor also visited Likii where he interacted  with the locals.  Several things were discussed including NHIF registration. H.E the Governor urged Likii residents to come out and register themselves and their families with NHIF to be able to access affordable medical services.

In the morning, the Governor had a meeting with religious leaders to discuss how to take the NHIF registration drive to worship institutions. He emphasized that he looked  forward to working with men and women of God to ensure that every Laikipian, young and old, is registered and can access affordable medical services. other activities of the day included:

– Commissioning a borehold at Inooro Secondary
– Visit to Jaffers Farm at SweetWaters  for  an Exhibition and Kilimo Faida Registration
– Stopover at Baraka Shopping Centre
– Central Park / Stage for NHIF / Kilimo Faida Registration
– NTRUKUMA Dispensary  NHIF Registration
– Kanyoni  NHIF/Kilimo Faida Registration


9:30am_ meeting cooperative members at salama centre and irrigation training in partnership with LWF
10:30am _ NHIF registration drive and kilimo sahihi training at Rumuruti livestock market.
11:30am _Rumuruti leaders meeting at catholic hall
12:30pm _ public rally at kungu maitu,Rumuruti
1:30pm _ Visit to keneth Gichuhi model farm at mutamaiyu
2:30pm _ leaders meeting at TIVET POSTA
3:30 pm_ Nhif and kilimo faida registration drive Tivet posta
4:00pm _ kilimo sahihi training at Tivet posta
5:00pm _ public meeting for Nhif and kilimo faida Registartion drive at kinamba,sosian

Nyahururu Town Hall meeting with business people.

This morning (6th February 2018), H.E the Governor held a meeting at the Nyahururu Town Hall with business people. Issues affecting the business people were brainstormed and discussed.
He urged people to register for NHIF to be able to access hospital services affordably. The idea of Lipa Mdogo Mdogo was brought up where a member makes the monthly payments in small amounts until they get to 500 shillings.


H.E Governor Ndiritu Muriithi Todays 6th/02/2018 CITIZENS’ ENGAGEMENT ROADSHOW

Nyahururu,Losogwa ,Gatero Marmanet Tuko NJiani

– Town hall meeting with the business people in Nyahururu
– Tour Nyahururu sub county hospital
– Farm visit and training at Kamawiras Farm at losogwa
– Inspect gravelling work at Gatero – Kati Road
– NHIF registration drive at Kundarilla
– Visit Naomi Ngunyis Dana Farm in Bondeni, Marmanent
– Meet the leaders at Oljabet social hall

By God’s grace we shall get it all done.

The itinerary for H.E the Governor and H.E the Deputy Governor on Public Engagement Exercise (Contract Farming and NHIF drive):

Tomorrow, Monday (5/02/2017), the leaders will cover the following areas:

-TIGITHI: Matanya:Contract Farming, NHIF registration drive, Leaders’ meeting.9.30-10.30am.

-Male:Agri-Conservation Field day by FAO, Contract Farming.11am-12pm

-Lamuria:NHIF registration drive, Contract Farming.1pm-1.30pm.

-NGOBIT (Withare): Contract Farming(Sorghum), NHIF registration drive, Milk Committee meeting.2.30-3.00 pm.

-Makutano: Interaction with farmers of Imenyamu Coop, Laikipia Dairies Coop(Cheese Processing), NHIF registration drive.3.30pm-4.00pm

-Wiyumiririe: Meet the people tour (Public rally on NHIF and Contract Farming.4.30pm-5.00pm.

British High Commissioner consultation meeting with County Government of Laikipia

H .E Governor Ndiritu Muriithi held a consultation meeting with British high Commissioner’s Mr Hailey. Addressing the media today after a consultative meeting H.E Governor Ndiritu Muriithiand his Deputy John Mwaniki, British High Commissioner Hailey noted that more investors from UK have expressed interest in investing in the laikipia.
“The two countries have had common interests especially in military cooperation and this will not be stopped any time soon,” said Hailey He assured the Governor its soldiers will continue training in Kenya more so laikipia county despite numerous reports that indicated they could have migrated to Iran.
He further noted that they are looking on how they can expand UK support in Laikipia especially in Amaya Triangle Initiative in peace building and supporting the various development activities.
He said UK was looking on how it can support Laikipia county government in creating a very strong environment for private investors. About 6,000 troops of BATUK train in the area every year.
Governor Muriithi said the discussion was meant to promote increased investment in the area and the country at large.
He noted that the presence of BATUK in Laikipia had a positive contribution in local economy.
The Governor said Amaya Triangle Initiative was meant to restore peace in the four counties of Laikipia, Baringo, Isiolo and Samburu counties.

Governor’s 10 Day Tour around the County.

His Excellency the Governor Ndiritu Muriithi Will be On 10 Day Tour around the County beginning 3rd of February 2018.

Laikipia county government is set to roll out the second phase of contract farming next month as part of an initiative of making agriculture profitable for farmers. His Excellency the Governor Ndiritu Muriithi Laikipia County will be on 10 Day tour around the county to market the same.
Hi Excellency will also use the opportunity to recruit households into the National Hospital Insurance Fund with the aim of achieving a universal healthcare for the residents across county. On Saturday 3rd Feb 2018 he will be in Ngarengiro (Lamuria) to launch the Lamuria market stalls, NHIF registration which he promised to cost share with each household and also to set ground for installation of a theatre in Lamuria dispensary. Later on the same day he will be expected in Makutano and Wiyumiririe.

Contract Farming
The rollout will take place in all the wards between February 2-10 where farmers will be linked with buyers, processors, farming experts and extension officers.
“Our goal is to provide an afro-package to generate at least 216,000 shillings per year,” acting Agriculture chief officer Daniel Thuo said.
Sorghum farming has attracted a lot of interest from farmers after East African Breweries through its subsidiary East African Maltings expressed interest in buying up to 30,000 metric tonnes from Laikipia.
More than 3,860 farmers have signed contracts with the East African Breweries for sorghum farming since the launch of the first phase on September 21 last year.
The county government partially funded 204 farmers with 559 acres to plant for last year’s short rains. More are expected to plant for the long rains in March.
Farming experts will outline the crops that are suitable for individual wards but the overall goal of the county government is publish a map of crops and livestock that are profitable to produce in every village.
Processors like Bidco, Twiga Foods, New KCC, and Ag Ventures will be represented. Farmers will be educated on ways of growing of various crops and the existing opportunities of making money through them