A dedicated, visionary, committed and professional public service is key to rapid progress of any society. Today, His Excellency Governor Ndiritu Muriithi held general staff meetings in Nanyuki and Nyahururu mainly to craft better ways of managing and motivating the county employees.
The roadmap looks like this:
1.      Introduction of bi-annual staff performance appraisals
2.      Requirement for staff to be in their actual stations
3.      Regular departmental and inter-departmental meetings
4.      Right staff placement and clear career paths
5.      Staff issued with staff ID/Badges
6.      Uniforms to be provided to enforcement units, drivers and others who require it
7.      Quarterly staff meetings to review progress
8.      Establishment of service centres and customer service at ward level
9.      Training of staff
10. Job enrichment
11. Spot performance awards
12. Public service code
This way we will build people-oriented, professional and proud service. A staff member can choose to be a high performer, in a high performing team, building a great Laikipia.
Major changes are expected with the process of recruiting new chair and vice chair persons of the public service board will start next week following the resignation of the previous office holders.